REVIEW || Mavala Top Coat Gel Finish & Colour-Matt Top Coat

I’ll be honest…. I had never heard of beauty brand Mavala, until a couple of products from their range turned up in the post. After a little bit of Googling I discovered that they have been around for quite a while, over 50 years in fact! Created in 1958 by Madelaine Van Landeghem (MA-VA-LA – very cool), the brand is now available in over 100 countries worldwide. Mavala is a best known for their Scientifique Nail Hardener, (which I am very keen to try), and as well as nail products they also sell a range of skincare, hand and foot care, as well as a range of eye makeup products. Today I’m going to share with your my thoughts on two of their top coats from the nail care range.

I received the Colour-Matt Top Coat and the Top Coat Gel Finish to try out. I’ve wanted to try a matte top coat for quite some time now, as I love the matte-look finish so I was very keen to give this one a go. I was even more excited to read that the Mavala nail polishes are free of the nasty chemicals that many nail products contain. Mavala polishes contain no parabens, formaldehydes, toluene, camphore, animal ingredients and heavy metals, making them a more natural choice for caring for your nails.

Mavala Top Coats
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MOTD: Saturday Night Movie Night

I went to the movies last night to see “Insurgent” which is the second movie in the “Divergent”series. I won’t say too much as I don’t want to give anything away, but I think I preferred the first movie to the second! I am very interested to see what happens in the third though, and now I have to wait another year (or I could cheat and read the books, but that’s probably not gonna happen!)

I haven’t got made up and gone out in ages, so I used movie night with my friends as an excuse to get all prettied up and rock some red lipstick. I’m really loving these deeper red shades for Autumn, and they look go glam with a winged eye!

Saturday Night Movie Night Makeup  (3)

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HAUL: I Went Shopping At Kmart

I love Kmart. As in, if I could only shop in one store for the rest of my life, it would probably be Kmart. They have such a great selection of on-trend clothing, accessories and shoes and it’s so nice to know that they won’t break the bank. I’m allowed to wear whatever I like to work, and while this sounds great, it also means it’s really easy to get tired of coming up with ideas for outfits day after day. I was in dire need of a few new basic tops for work, as I was getting rather sick of what was in my wardrobe, so I popped into my nearest Kmart to see their new Autumn offerings.

I spent $81 and got all of this. It’s safe to say, I was preeeety stoked.

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REVIEW || Hask Haircare

When it comes to hair care, I generally just grab a shampoo and conditioner from the supermarket. Recently I’ve been using L’Oreal and Sunsilk, but after converting many of my skincare products to more natural brands, I decided to try and do the same with my hair care too. It’s common knowlegdge that what you put on your scalp is quite quickly absorbed in to the body, so I feel it’s important to try and keep frequently used hair care products as natural as possible.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying out the HASK range of hair care. I’ll admit I hadn’t heard of this brand before, but after doing a little bit of research I found out that HASK sell a huge range of hair care, with different collections for different types of hair. The ingredients are all high-quality, and the products contain some of the finest oils from around the world. HASK hair care products are all free from sulfates, parabens, alcohols, and artificial colours so you know that you are not putting any nasty or harsh ingredients on your hair – this makes it perfect for using on colour or chemical treated hair.

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MAC “Cinderella” Collection || Eye Gloss Review

I’m going to start this off by saying that I am a HUGE Disney fan. When I found out that a live-action movie based on the classic fairytale was to be released, I was EXCITED to say the least! When the promotional pictures came out of the stunning Lilly James in that blue dress, I knew that Cinderella was going to be a very magical movie!

One of the most highly anticipated MAC collections this year has been the Cinderella collection, and it’s pretty obvious as to why! The pale blue and gold packaging of this one is undeniably gorgeous and I think this is part of the reason why this collection was so popular. Within a few hours of the American release, the collection had pretty much sold out and even after the NZ release date of the 16th of March, many of the most popular products were sold out after the first day. The whole collection has a very light and girly feel to it. Everything is quite pale and sparkly, yet subtle – the perfect makeup for a princess.

The collection is quite large and includes the following:

Stroke of Midnight 6 x Eyeshadow Palette
Mystery Princess Beauty Powder
Coupe D’ Chic Iridescent Pressed Powder
Happily Ever After & Glass Slipper Lip Glass
Lightly Tauped & Pearl Varnish Eye Gloss
Little Black Bow & Macroviolet Fluidline 
Reflects Pearl Glitter
Evil Stepmother & Pretty It Up Pigments
Bold Black Studio Fix Lash Mascara
217 Blending Brush
168 Large Angled Contour Brush


I was lucky enough to get a hold of the Eye Gloss in “Lightly Tauped”. I had read mixed reviews about this one online, so I was intrigued as to how it worked. The Eye Gloss is quite a unique product, in the fact that it’s a gloss….. but for your eyes. It comes in a little round pottle, with the signature pale blue lid. It’s quite a solid product and to the touch it feels rather sticky. It’s a beautiful light taupe colour with a glossy finish, and lots of sparkle. Continue reading

Savar Spa || The Ginger & Lime Body Scrub

I’m back! Sorry it’s been a bit quiet here lately, but I’ve been taking a bit of a bloggy break. I had quite a busy week last week, and then decided it would be nice to have a few days off blogging. Working on a computer all day at my “real” job, it can get quite tiring coming home and having to work on the computer again, so it’s been nice to have a wee break. I have so many posts ready to share with you all, as well as some very cool post ideas coming up – so stay tuned!

I’ve talked about Savar natural skincare products on the blog quite a few times already, but today I wanted to share with you a new range of products that they have recently released. Savar Spa are luxurious, spa-quality skincare products that will leave your skin looking and feeling like you’ve just spent a day at the spa. The range consists of a Body Butter, Body Oil, and Sugar Body Scrub and there are two delicious scents to choose between…. Ginger & Lime or Pacific Coconut.

I’ve been putting the Ginger & Lime Sugar Body Scrub to the test over the past couple of weeks, and I’m happy to report that it is one of the best body scrubs that I’ve tried. It’s designed to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate at the same time, and leaves skin feeling silky smooth. My favourite thing about this scrub is that it’s a lovely gritty scrub that doesn’t dissolve straight away. Nothing annoys me more than when a body scrub disintegrates in the shower before I’ve had a chance to give my skin a good scrub! I like a scrub that I can actually feel working, and the sugar crystals in this product offer this. It’s also not too harsh,  meaning that it can be used on sensitive skin. Containing beeswax, natural oils, and shea butter there’s no need to moisturize after using this product as the skin is already left feeling soft and hydrated.

Savar Spa Ginger & Lime Body Scrub
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I’m Cheating On My Natural Cleanser With…..?

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you might know that a year or so ago I overhauled my skincare products and decided to start only using natural products. While I don’t think I could ever make the switch to all natural makeup products, I figured I was doing my skin a favour by treating it as naturally as possible during my cleansing and moisturising routines. It also made me feel a bit better about the ‘chemical filled’ makeup products that I did use, as in my mind, the natural skincare aspect cancelled it out. I stopped using my normal ‘supermarket’ products, and started using a wide range of natural products, trying different brands and products to see which ones worked well with my skin. I’ve discovered a few natural products which have been working wonders for my skin, and that I’ve been using religiously. I had always planned on sticking with natural skincare, and no intentions of changing…… until now. It’s official, I’m cheating on my natural skincare products.

It all happened by accident actually. Before Christmas I was lucky enough to win a voucher for a local pharmacy here in Dunedin. I went in and after wandering around for a while, nothing was really jumping out at me to buy. Keen to get out of the Christmas madness in the mall, I decided to pick up another body moisturiser (as you can never have too many, right) and ended up getting a Cetaphil one, as I had heard they were good for being gentle on the skin. It wasn’t until I got home, that I realised I had actually picked up the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (in probably the biggest size possible) rather than the moisturiser. Oops.

Cetaphil Cleanser 2

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