Nail Art Even I Can Do: Completely Dotty

Hi lovelies!

Would you believe that I originally started The Lilly Mint Blog as a nail art blog…. Which is a bit of a laugh really as I discovered pretty quickly that nail art really isn’t my strong suit. I absolutely love having my nails painted, and as a former nail biter, I find that a bit of colour on my nails is the perfect deterrent. I do really wish I was more talented at nail art, as some of the designs that I come across online absolutely blow me away. The time and dedication that goes into some of these nail art creations is absolutely astounding and there are some incredibly talented people out there! Unfortunately I’m not quite as ambidextrous as I had hoped I might be, so one hand usually turns out looking like it was attacked with nail polish by a small child.

While I love having my nails painted, sometimes I get sick of painting them just one colour and I want to jazz it up a bit. Luckily, I’ve come across this incredibly simple yet effective nail design that can be done in any colour that you wish! I chose the colour combination of bright orange, aqua and white as these colours are just so fun and bright for spring. All of the polishes that I used are from Australis Cosmetics, as I find these have a decent lasting time, and provide a very smooth finish. The colours I chose were Citrus (bright orange), Aqua, and Sitting On a Cloud (the most perfect opaque white), as well as their clear top/base coat.

Nail Art: Completely Dotty

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New Za Products! Eyeliners + Brow Liner

Hi lovelies

I loooove eyeliner. It’s right up there with mascara in terms of must-have beauty essentials, and I always feel a little bit naked when I’m not wearing it! When Kate from Za contacted me to try out a few of their new eyeliner and brow products, I jumped at the chance. Za has been in New Zealand for quite sometime now, but it’s only recently that it’s become a very popular drugstore makeup brand – I’ve seen it popping up everywhere!

I was lucky enough to try out a couple of the new Gel Eyeliners, and the repackaged Brow Liner, and the Liquid Eyeliner (which I’ve actually been using for ages and I LOVE!) Read on to see my thoughts on each product and where you can get them from!

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Q&A with Kirsty from Makeup Obsessives

I am sooo excited about this months Q&A as it is with the gorgeous Kirsty from the amazing blog and Facebook group, Makeup Obsessives. If you haven’t heard of MUO before, then I’m guessing you’ve been living under a rock as it’s one of the most popular NZ makeup blogs. Kirsty kindly let me ask her a few questions, and she shares some of her favorite products right now!

Kirsty from Makeup Obsessives

♥ What inspired you to start Makeup Obsessives, and did you ever think it would become so big so quickly?!

I loved being a part of the buy & sell makeup groups on Facebook, but I kept getting disheartened by the constant cattiness that would appear. I decided to start a separate group for people to talk about beauty products- but with no selling involved- figuring that money was the root of all evil ;) The only other rule at the time was no negativity. I had NO idea that the group would grow so rapidly- it was a total shock. That ultimately inspired me to start the MUO blog, and now everything is flying along!


♥ If you could only use one skincare and one makeup brand for the rest of your life…. What would you choose and why?

Hnnng! This is HARD! And it changes all the time. Currently though, I’m obsessed with the Australian skincare range, Aspect- it has performed miracles on my skin. As for makeup, I’m going to have to say MAC- mostly because I know the range so well, and it is consistently high performing.

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SweetPea & Fay Lipsticks

SweetPea and Fay are a fairly newish makeup brand, offering a range of cosmetic products including lipsticks, blushes and eye shadows. The company is dedicated to bringing their fans bright, bold cosmetics and all at an affordable price. All products are also cruelty free which is absolutely fantastic.

I’ve been eyeing up their lipsticks for a while now, and was lucky enough to try out two of the shades “Cordelia” and “Tea Cups”. I was quite intrigued to see that these lip colours actually come in a lip-gloss style squeezy tube, rather than your traditional stick. I’m not sure why, but I had just always assumed that they would be packaged in your standard lipstick tube, but I think that the packaging is unique and it means it stands out in my lipstick collection. The one thing you do have to watch with this style of packaging is that the applicator can pop off if you squeeze the tube too hard, but I haven’t found this to be much of an issue. While you can apply the lipstick straight out of the tube, I prefer to put a little onto a palette, and apply it to my lips using a lip brush. This gives a more even and crisp line, and is especially important with the darker or more bold shades

SweetPea & Fay Liquid Lipsticks
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Karen Murrell “Coral Dawn”

As you probably all know, lipsticks are one of my favourite makeup products. Karen Murrell is one of the lipstick brands that I own a lot of, and I’m really excited to add a new colour, Coral Dawn, to my collection. If you’re a long time reader, you will have seen me rave about this lipstick brand A LOT in the past. All of the Karen Murrell lipsticks are made with natural products, and they are known as ‘vegetarian’ lipsticks. They don’t contain all the nasties that many other lipsticks do, and they are cruelty free too. Plus, if that’s not enough they are a gorgeous NZ company – and I’m all about supporting local products!

Karen Murell Lipstick Coral Dawn 2
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October 2014 Favourites

I can’t believe it’s October already, which means it’s time for another favorites post I think! As I mentioned in my last favourites post, these are going to be very random and they won’t always just focus on beauty – there will be a mix of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food…. Just whatever I am loving right now, and products that I think you will love too!

October 2014 Favourties

HEALTHY: I recently needed a new drink bottle, after the cleaners at work threw out my last one. I came across these water bottles at Typo, only $3 for a bottle of water and all of the proceeds from the sale go to charities across the world. I am all for supporting charities where I can, and I  think the water bottles are super cute! I opted for a purple one, and since they contain 600ml  they are the perfect size for on the desk or in the bag. Fingers crossed this one doesn’t get thrown out!

SHOPPING: My recent trip to Australia was my first overseas trip as an adult, and I was really looking forward to have a look through the shops at duty free. Duty free is one of those things that people get very excited about ( c’mon who doesn’t want tax free shopping?) but I was a little unsure about how it actually all worked…do you shop before or after your holiday? Can you take it with you? Luckily all of these questions were answered for me on the Duty Free Stores Website (which is so useful for travelling novices like myself) I was also blown away at the selection of beauty brands available at duty free, as well as alcohol and chocolate! Some of my very favorite perfumes and makeup brands are available at Duty Free Stores, at a lot cheaper prices than here in NZ . For added convenience, you can also order all of your products online and collect them at the airport before you leave! For more info about Duty Free take a look at their website! If you sign up online, you will save 20% off everything (excluding electronics and cameras which receive a 5% discount!)
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Think Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi lovelies

Did you know that New Zealand has one of the highest rates of incidence and the third highest rate of death in from breast cancer in the western world?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month here in New Zealand. Breast cancer is the most common female cancer, and approximately 2,800 Kiwi women are diagnosed every year. Most times, this form of cancer can be treated if caught early, and that is why it is so important to be aware and educated about the risks of breast cancer. If you are over 40, then you are eligible for a regular breast screening mammogram that helps to pick up any changes or lumps in the breast. If your under 40, your risk of breast cancer is less however it is still extremely important to self-check your breasts in order to pick up any unusual changes or lumps. While most lumps in the breasts are not cancerous, if you notice any changes than it is best to see your doctor straight away! From the age of 20, self-checks should be a part of your usual showering and beauty routine.

I’m so impressed with how many businesses are getting behind Breast Cancer Awareness this month, and many companies are not only doing their bit to raise awareness, but they are also helping to raise money for various breast cancer charities. Here are some of my favourties;

Skinfood are a well-known New Zealand skincare brand, and their newest product release is the Skinfood Breast Cream. While this Breast Cream doesn’t prevent cancer, it does help you to get to know your breasts better. By applying this moisturizing cream to your breasts, it allows you to learn how your breasts look and feel, and this means you are more likely to notice any unusual changes. If your unsure about what is an ‘unusual’ change, the Breast Cream comes with a leaflet which outlines what signs and symptoms you need to be looking out for.

The Breast Cream is a lovely, nourishing moisturizer which has an absolutely beautiful smell. It is very easy to smooth into the skin, and it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy. This product makes checking your breasts regularly an easy thing to do.

Skinfood are donating $2 from the sale of every Breast Cream to the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. This product retails for $11.99 and is available at supermarkets across New Zealand

Skinfood Breast Cream
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