New to NZ: Anatomicals

Anatomicals is one of the newest skincare brands to hit NZ shores, and while it is extremely popular in Britan and Australia, little has been heard about it here. I’ve seen this brand on so many British websites, and I’ve always always wanted to try it, so I am seriously excited that it is now available here! Anatomicals (does anyone else sing this word to the Anamaniacs theme song? No, just me?) is a quirky, fun brand who’s slogan is “We only want you for your body”. Their packaging is bright and fun, and I love the witty slogans and descriptions that appear on each product. The brand offers a huge range of skincare products including body cleansers, hand cream, hand soap, face masks and more!

I tried out two of the products from the Anatomicals range, the “100% Not Chanel but Cocoa all the Same Body Cleanser” and the “Silly Twits Ignore Their Mitts Peppermint & Lemon Hand Soap”… read on to see what I thought!

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Karen Murrell “Racy Rata”

The latest addition to the Karen Murrell lipstick lineup is “Racy Rata”, a beautiful rich berry-red shade. I’ve already spoken many times about how much I love the Karen Murrell collection of lipsticks. They are vegetarian, cruelty free, and completely natural  - even the packaging is recyclable. They are full of loads of natural goodies to help keep your lips hydrated, as well as being extremely creamy and pigmented.

Karen Murrell Racy Rata

Racy Rata was inspired by the beautiful Rata trees that were in bloom when Karen took a trip through the beautiful South Island. Their bright berry coloured flowers was a huge influence in creating this stunning raspberry shade. I usually find red lipsticks to be quite hit or miss on me, but this one I am absolutely loving. I think it compliments my pale skin and darker hair perfectly! The wear time is around 3 hours before it starts fading to a pretty red stain.
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MAC Powder Blush in “Melba”

I’m going to start this review off by saying that if you don’t own this product, you need to get it in your life… pronto! It’s the MAC Powder Blush in the shade “Melba” and it is one of the most flattering blush colours that I have come across recently. I’ve always been a little unsure of MAC Powder Blushes, as the price point is so high (especially here in NZ), and I’ve found myself trying so hard to justify their purchase. There are so many fantastic wallet-friendly blushes available on the market now, so are the MAC ones really worth the hype? Well, Melba totally is!

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Savar Advanced Hand Repair

If you’ve read my reviews on previous Savar products, you will know how this brand ticks all the boxes for me. Pretty packaging? Check. Quality products? Check. Natural ingredients and cruelty free? Check and check. So, it’s no surprise that I absolutely love the newest product that has ended up in my possession, the Advanced Hand Repair. I’ve already mentioned this product briefly in my review of the Savar Luxury Travel Set, and I was so excited when the full sized version turned up in all of its limited edition packaging glory.

While this product is part of Savar’s permanent collection, they are currently stocking it in these gorgeous limited edition bottles. The white plastic bottle, with a black pump and black and pink writing is so pretty, and it matches my Savar Nourishing Body Lotion. I think the little pink heart is such a cute touch!

 Savar Advanced Repair Hand Cream
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2014 Holiday Collection Makeup Wishlist

There are so many amazing holiday makeup collections available right now from some of my favorite makeup brands. Many brands have really outdone themselves with their limited edition packaging, and part of me wants some of these products just for the gorgeous packaging! Here are my top picks from this years holiday collections. Which ones are you hoping to pick up?

2014 Holiday Collection Wishlist

NARS “Laced With Edge” Algorithm Laguna Bronzer
NARS “Laced With Edge” Roman Holiday Gift Set
Bobbi Brown “Pink Glow” Highlighting Powder || Too Faced Bronzer Wardrobe
Burberry Beauty “Gold Glow” Luminising Powder || Too Faced “Under The Mistletoe” Set
LORAC “The Royal” Lip Lustre Set || NARS “Vitrual Domination” Face Palette

Lorac MEGA Pro Palette || First Impressions

It’s not often that I do a first impressions style post. I usually prefer to take my time trying out new products and write about them when I’m done, however I feel that rules can definitely be broken for this palette. Firstly, because this is limited edition and you need to get your hands on it pronto, and secondly because I honestly can’t wait much longer to rave about this gorgeous palette!

This is my first Lorac purchase, and I didn’t even think twice when I saw it come up on Amazon and I popped it into my cart. This highly anticipated palette is part of Lorac’s 2014 Holiday Collection, and was only available on the official Lorac website, and on Amazon. It sold out within hours on both sites, however Amazon has had a couple of restocks and I was lucky enough to grab one in the second restock. If you are wanting to get this one (and of course you are) then keep an eye out on Amazon

Lorac Mega Pro 4

The MEGA Pro is twice the size of the standard Lorac Pro palettes, and it contains 32 colours. The first half of the palette is matte shades, and the second half is shimmer shades. Lorac are well-known for their beautiful buttery eye shadows, and these ones do not disappoint. Even the matte shades are beautiful and buttery, and are incredibly easy to blend. From pictures I had seen online, some of the lighter colours did look quite similar, however I’m pleased to report that they are not. While there are a lot of light to medium neutrals in this palette, I think all the shades are very useable and each one is quite different. While I have only swatched these shades, I’m already impressed with the pigmentation, and I am looking forward to seeing how well they wear.

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Empties #2: Skincare

Hi lovelies!

I have been meaning to do an empties post for you for so long (my last one was in January!). I had a whole heap of empty products that I had put aside, and in a moment of forgetfulness I ended up tossing them all out when I was cleaning my room! Silly, silly Sarah! So these products I’m sharing with you today are a few that I’ve used up over the past 6-8 weeks. While I have reviewed a few of these already on the blog, I always like empties posts as sometimes opinions on products can change over time and favorites can be replaced with other products!

To keep this post relatively short(ish) all of these empties are skincare products. I’ll also have a post up in the next few weeks about makeup products that I’ve finished.

Empties #2: Skincare

Weleda Birch Body Scrub: You will have heard me mention this one quite a lot as I absolutely love it! It was a sad shower when I finished this one up, and I already have plans to repurchase. It’s a lovely, gritty scrub that makes my skin incredibly smooth and polished. Click here for a full review

Batiste Dry Shampoo: Batiste is the king of the dry shampoo world, and the original scent remains my favorite. This stuff has been a lifesaver on many an occasion, and I already had a back up ready to go the day that I finished this one!
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