Savar Nourishing Body Lotion

 I’ve become quite addicted to skincare products lately, and one brand that never seems to fail is the gorgeous luxury skincare brand Savar. I’ve reviewed a few products from this beautiful New Zealand brand now, and the quality of their products never ceases to amaze me! While I love using Savar products for myself, they also make the perfect gift, as each product comes beautifully packaged. Locally made, Savar’s products are 99% natural. Many of their ingredients are derived from natural extracts, making them safe to use on your skin and perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Today I want to share with you an incredible body lotion by Savar. It’s the Limited Edition Nourishing Body Lotion. The lotion comes in a beautiful glass bottle, similar to  their Energising Body Wash. The white lotion is visible through the clear glass, and the writing and logos are all written on the glass in black and pink font. There’s also a cute little pink heart with the Savar logo on it, tied around the top of the bottle. You get quite a lot of product, 500ml to be exact, and its easily dispensed by a pump at the top of the bottle. I keep mine sitting on my dresser as its too pretty to put this bottle away in a cupboard!

Savar Nourishing Body Lotion
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Chi Chi Eyeshadow Quad “Paparazzi Princess”

 Hi lovelies!

One of my favourite drugstore brands was on sale at Farmers a couple of weeks ago….. so I’ll admit I went a little Chi Chi crazy. It was buy 2 get 1 free so I ended up leaving the store with a couple of new products to try. One of these was the Chi Chi Eyeshadow Quad in “Paparazzi Princess”, which I thought would be a fantastic little quad to have for when I’m travelling or to simply keep in the bag. It’s full of four beautiful neutral tones, that I figured I could create a few basic, yet pretty, looks from.

Now if you’ve read my review on the amazing eye shadow palette that is the Chi Chi Nudes, you will know how much I love the Chi Chi eyeshadows. They are fantastic quality, fairly well pigmented, and don’t break the bank either! I assumed that the Eyeshadow Quads would have the same formula to them as the palettes – just in a different form of packaging. As they say, never assume anything, as I was totally wrong and this product left me feeling disappointed on so many levels!

Chi Chi Eyeshadow Quad Paparazzi Princess 2
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Weleda Birch Cellulite Body Oil

 While I absolutely love beauty products, I will admit that I have never (until now) tried a body oil. While I have tried multiple facial oils, body moisturisers, etc I have always stayed away from body oils in the fear that they will leave my skin greasy or clog my pores. What really attracted me to the Birch Cellulite Oil from Weleda however, was the fact that it is all natural, having been made up from a selection of plant extracts. This body oil is designed to actually assist with the reduction and appearance of cellulite, and to make skin appear firmer, smoother and more toned. While I am lucky enough to not have any cellulite just yet, I wanted to see how well this worked in firming and smoothing my skin, as well as keeping it hydrated.

Birch is a key ingredient in this body oil as it helps to detoxify and purify the skin. Weleda uses young, organic birch leaves as these are high in flavonoids which help to create moisture retention, leaving your skin smoother and more hydrated for longer. Other natural extracts including apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil and vitamin-rich wheat germ oil help to moisturise while improving the appearance of the skin.

Weleda Birch Cellulite Body Oil 2
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Q&A with Laura from Laura Loves Beauty Blog

This month’s Q&A is with the gorgeous Laura from Laura Loves Beauty Blog. Laura writes about her favourite beauty and makeup products, and her blog is one of my favourite NZ blogs!
Laura from Laura Loves Beauty Blog

♥ What inspired you to start blogging?

I was starting to get really into reading other peoples blogs and also was actively reviewing a lot of beauty products on a bunch of different websites. I then became an NZGirl blogger and decided it was time to get my own blog started! I guess what inspired me was my own passion for makeup and beauty products, I really wanted to change it into more of a hobby rather than just a shopping obsession. And seeing people like Morgan from Hyacinth Girl and Kirsty from Makeup Obsessives do this was really inspiring and showed me that there was no reason why I couldn’t do it too. Blogging has become my creative outlet and filters really nicely into different parts of my life.

Trilogy “Jua” Natural Perfume

I am so excited that I can finally talk about this product, as I’ve had to keep it under wraps for ages now! I was sent this a few weeks ago with a strict embargo date of September 1st. And can I tell you how hard it was to not talk about, as it is such an exciting new product from Trilogy. Jua is the first perfume from well-known skincare brand Trilogy. The word “Jua” means sun or sunshine in Swahili, which is the perfect name for this product as its main ingredient is sunflower oil. Instead of containing an alcohol base, like many perfumes do, sunflower oil works as a natural carrier and works in harmony with the other natural ingredients used to scent this perfume.

While I’m not the best at describing perfumes and smells, I think this could best be described as a floral/woody mix. The top notes are rose, freesia and grasses, with a woody undertone that helps to even out the sweet scent. I think this is quite a universal perfume, as it doesn’t lean too far either way and I think that many people would enjoy wearing it. When I first smelled it, it just reminded me of spring as it is just such an uplifting and perfume.

Trilogy Jua Perfume 2
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Sigma “Warm Neutrals” Palette

 The minute I saw Karissa using this palette in a tutorial on YouTube, I was pretty much sold. I love warm-toned neutral shades, and although I already have a few palettes containing similar colours, this one was too pretty to pass up. I had never tried the brand Sigma, yet so many people rave about it, so decided it was about time to give it a go. Sigma are mainly well known for their high quality brushes, and they also sell a select range of makeup including blush, single eye shadows, palettes and brow products. I was actually quite surprised at how few cosmetic products they had as I was always under the impression they sold nearly everything!

Sigma isn’t available in New Zealand, so I had to purchase the Warm Neutrals palette from the USA Sigma site. They do ship internationally, however the shipping isn’t exactly cheap. It cost me $15 US to ship the palette over to NZ, which is on the expensive side as it was incredibly slow shipping, and the palette hardly weighs anything at all!

Sigma Warm Neutrals Palette 2
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Linden Leaves Herbalist Hair Care || Shampoo + Conditioner

If you read my post on the Linden Leaves Herbalist Hand Cream, then you will probably know how much I am loving this brand at the moment. So you can also probably imagine my excitement when another lot of goodies turned up on the doorstep courtesy of Linden Leaves. Two of these products were the shampoo and conditioner from the Herbalist range –which I have been dying to try forever! As much as I love my L’Oreal shampoo from the supermarket I can’t help but worry every time I use it as I know its laden with chemicals, parabens, and SLS. The Linden Leaves hair products don’t contain any of these products making them much safer to use, while still leaving your hair looking clean and fresh.

Linden Leaves Shampoo & Conditioner

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