The Plaid Shirt

If there’s one item of clothing that I’ve certainly had my wear out of this winter it has been my beloved puffer vest from Forever New. (Yes, ANOTHER Forever New item…. I’m obsessed!)  I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I bought it a few months back and you’ll see it popping up in another outfit post very soon! It’s so warm and it’s such a lovely fit as its ribbed down the sides, meaning it fits the body nicely. The fact that it has a hood also gives it a giant thumbs up! I’ve been wearing this for casual wear in the weekends as well as throwing it over a running jacket when I head out for a walk after work. It’s just enough to help take the chill off while not being too hot, like a puffer jacket would be, while exercising.



While there’s quite a few pieces I wear with this vest, I really like the look of it when paired with this checked shirt. It’s a very relaxed outfit and I love the combo of black and red. If it’s cold (like it was the day these pictures were taken!), I’ll wear a fitted merino under the shirt, so I’ve got three layers of warmth. The checked shirt paired with the woollen topped lace up boots gives off a bit of a woodchopper vibe and I’m sure it’s not everyone’s thing, but I really love this whole look.



Puffer Vest – Forever New (exact here)
Checked Shirt – Jay Jays (similar here)
Jeans – RES Denim (exact here)
Boots – Kmart or (similar here)
Lipstick – Burt’s Bees Crayon in “Napa Valley” (buy here)

These boots are currently available at Kmart and are only $29!



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