Rhino Repair By Oasis Beauty

This year was one of the first winters that I’ve really felt the cold, and as a result  my skin has been suffering; it’s been feeling really dry and my poor hands have been rough and cracked. I’ve also been experiencing some mild eczema on the insides of my knees and on my elbows, and I’m pretty sure this is just down to the cold weather. It’s awfully uncomfortable though, and there’s been nights where I’ve struggled to sleep as my skin feels so itchy.

I had heard of the fabled Rhino Repair from NZ company Oasis Beauty, however I had never tried it for myself. I’ve read many reviews where people raved about it being brilliant for dry skin so when a tube of it arrived for me to try I was absolutely thrilled. I was keen to see how it worked on my dry cracked hands, as well as the small patches of eczema. Rhino Repair is completely made from natural ingredients, and contains some serious skin soothers including Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Rosehip and NZ Honey. It can be used on any skin type (yes, even sensitive), and it can even be used on babies; it’s just that gentle!


Rhino Repair comes in two sizes, a 50ml Travel Size (which I have) and the 150ml Family Size. The cream is quite thick, but surprisingly it’s very easy to blend in and you end up needing less than you think. It’s not oily or greasy, and appears to absorb into the skin fairly quickly. Since I was applying this to my hands, this is really important as I don’t want greasy marks everywhere! The smell of this cream is delicious, and I really wish I was better at describing smells so I could do this one justice! It’s very fresh, and you can really smell the calendula and the lavender.

I noticed after the first time I used this cream that my hands were much softer, smoother and the skin wasn’t chapped or cracked. I only need to apply this once a day (before I go to bed) to keep them in this condition. I’ve also been using it on my legs and I’ve found it helps to calm the itching sensation. The eczema still comes and goes, but using this cream on it makes it a lot more tolerable.


As well as using this for dry skin, Oasis beauty recommend it for calming most skin irritations including sunburn, nappy rash, itchy bites, chapped skin, and even for taking the sting out of shaving. It’s an all-purpose cream that is useful to have on hand year around. Price starts at $17.50 for the travel size and $39.90 for the larger bottle. A good investment, I say!

Please note: I was sent this product for consideration. These views are my personal opinion and are no way influenced by others. I always provide an honest opinion, so you all know which products are worth purchasing

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