The Bomber Jacket

The Bomber Jacket

For today’s outfit post I have another casual outfit for you. Now I really do promise that I do wear things other than casual wear, it just seems to be these are the outfits that I’m photographing at the moment! As you’ve probably noticed, I am big on jeans and I practically live in my jeans all week. I own quite a few different styles and colours and one of my favourite pairs are these waxed ones from Pagan Marie. I think they are supposed to be ¾ jeans on a regular sized human being, which means on a shorty like me they are practically normal length jeans. Recently, I’ve taken to rolling the cuffs up a little to give the ¾ appearance as cuffed jeans are so on trend right now!



This outfit also sees the return of my khaki top and I’ve paired it with this cute jacket from Kmart. It’s a lightweight bomber jacket, which is so perfect for this time of the year where you need a light layer to just take the chill off (yes, it’s December and it’s still a little chilly!) Bomber jackets are also on trend right now, so I’ve been wearing this one quite a lot in the weekends. I actually purchased it from Kmart last year for some crazy low price. I swear Kmart has some of the coolest clothes and I’m always keeping an eye out for items there.


Bomber Jacket – Kmart (similar here)
T-Shirt – Dotti (similar here)
Jeans – White Closet at Pagan Marie (similar here)
Ballet Flats – Kmart
Bag – Kate of Arcadia