Karen Murrell Now Have Lip Pencils!

Karen Murrell is one of my all-time favourite lipstick brands, and I’ve been using their products for years.  They are one of the first completely natural brands that I fell in love with, and I’ve always been so impressed by how long-lasting and pigmented their lipstick formulas are. I always thought how awesome it would be if Karen Murrell had lip pencils, and a couple of months ago they launched this new line to compliment some of their most popular shades. I was so thrilled!!

Karen Murrell kindly sent me a lip pencil to try out. I chose the shade, Camellia Morning, as this is my all time favourite lip stick shade of theirs. This stunning dusky pink shade is one of those colours that can be worn anywhere anytime. It’s such a flattering shade on my skin, and in fact it would look beautiful on a wide range of skin tones.

Karen Murrell Lip Pencil - Camellia Morning

The lip pencil is a traditional style pencil which requires sharpening with a pencil sharpener. There is a lip brush on the other side of the pencil which is a nice touch. The pencil is the perfect complimentary colour for the lipstick, and it’s so nice being able to line my lips before applying the lipstick to get a truly crisp lip line.

Karen Murrell Lip Pencil - Camellia Morning

Karen Murrell Lip Pencil - Camellia Morning

These pencils are really easy to use and are lovely to apply.  They are very pigmented, and can be used to completely fill in the lips rather than just lining them. I’ve been wearing the pencil this way lately, as I cannot for the life of me find where I’ve put my Camellia Morning lipstick. I’ve searched through every bag and jacket pocket, but no luck. So now I just wear the lip pencil instead. Fingers crossed it turns up eventually!

These lip pencils retail for $27 and are available online from Karen Murrell or at these stockists.

Please note: This product was sent to me by Karen MurrellThese views are my personal opinion and are no way influenced by others. I always provide an honest opinion, so you all know which products are worth purchasing

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