Fitbit Alta HR Review

A while back I did a review of the Fitbit Charge 2 and it was such a popular post. So much so, that I’ve teamed up with Fitbit to bring you a review of the new Fitbit Alta HR. While I loved my Charge 2, there were a few issues I had in regards to the size and bulkiness on my small wrist. The Alta HR solves these issues with the gorgeous sleek design as well as being an incredibly thorough tracker.

I have the Limited Edition Rose Gold Alta HR, which is the ultimate combination of fitness and style. This tracker is a stunning blush colour, with the rose gold metal detail and photos don’t do it justice. It’s the perfect tracker for anyone who wants to look stylish and doesn’t want an obvious fitness tracker sitting on their wrist. The Alta HR also comes in the original black/silver and plum/silver as well as a special edition black/gold and the pink/rose gold. There are also many different colours available in the silicone bands, as well as three leather band options. Basically, no matter what colours or styles you like, there is something for everyone!
Fitbit Alta HR Review


I have the small Fitbit Alta HR and I wear the device on either the smallest or second smallest setting. I have tiny wrists and I’m glad that the Alta goes small enough to fit me. The Alta HR has a watch strap style buckle which ensures that the device is attached safely around the wrist. Some trackers have the snap shut buckles which aren’t as safe, so this is definitely a bonus – especially if you are extremely active or play sport!

Fitbit Alta HR Review

The Fitbit Alta HR has a longer slimmer screen than the older models, and it measures only 1.5cm wide. It’s much more petite friendly and doesn’t feel as bulky or heavy on the wrist. I always found my Charge 2 would get caught on my clothing, however the slimmer Alta doesn’t give me this issue. It’s for this reason, I find myself using it more. It’s also much less annoying to sleep with as I feel it doesn’t get in the way.


The Alta HR is really easy to use both on the device and in the app. I wrote a little bit about the Fitbit app in my Charge 2 review, and the app and information is the same for the Alta HR. The screen displays the time (which can be customised in a variety of clock faces) and it is large and clear to read, despite the smaller screen. A few simple taps takes you through a variety of information including steps taken, calories burned, km’s walked etc.

Fitbit Alta HR Review

The Alta HR has a seriously impressive battery and just a short 2 hour charge is enough battery to last for nearly a week of wear. Compared to some other trackers that only last a couple of days, this is impressive, and means that recharging doesn’t get in the way of you tracking your steps and goals.

Like the Charge 2, the Alta has all the Fitbit features we know and love.

  • Water and food tracking
  • Automatic exercise tracking for exercises such as running and walking
  • The ability to add in exercises such as weights or yoga
  • Reminders to move each hour, with a 250 step goal
  • Silent alarms and reminders
  • Text and call alerts on your phone
  • An easy to use app which provides up to date information
  • Customisable fitness and health goals


  • The sleek, slimmer design
  • The variety of more stylish colours, including the gorgeous rose gold!
  • The watch strap style band
  • All of the information is easy to read on the screen
  • The longer battery life

Overall, I’m super impressed with the Alta HR and I love it much more than my Charge 2. The slimmer, sleeker size and shape is perfect for those of us who want a tracker but don’t want it getting in the way. I love the soft pink colour and the rose gold detail, and it really is the most perfect mix of fashion and fitness. The only small downside I have about the whole tracker is that I find it hard to keep the pink clean, and some of my black tops have caused the edges of the tracker to get a little discoloured which is a little disappointing. I’ve cleaned it with a cloth and a little of the discolouration has come off, but close up it still looks a little dirty. This is just something to keep in mind if you are looking to get the pale pink tracker.

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Please note: I was sent this product for consideration. These views are my personal opinion and are no way influenced by others. I always provide an honest opinion, so you all know which products are worth purchasing




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