Naturigin 4.0 Brown Hair Colour

When I started my natural beauty journey, the one beauty product I was concerned about finding a replacement for, was hair dye. I’ve always used the Nice N Easy brand, as its easy and gives me the colour I’m after, however I’ve always been aware of how this product really isn’t good for me or my hair. I did some research into natural alternatives and after ruling out henna (far too messy!) I came across Naturigin – a more natural alternative to mainstream hair dye. Now, there really is no such thing as natural hair dye unless you choose to use something like henna, but for ease of use Naturigin is about as natural as you can get. Their ingredients are 98% naturally based, and they include natural oils and extracts to help keep the hair in its best condition. They are organic certified by ECOCERT and they are 100% free from ammonia and parabens. Needless to say, when I read all of this I was incredibly excited.

First a little about the company…. Naturigin was actually founded in Denmark back in 1998 by Mette and Stig Lykkegaard, after Mette was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily she recovered, but she wanted other women to have the opportunity to have the option to purchase a cleaner and healthier hair colour, without the unhealthy and toxic chemicals found in mainstream products. They formulated Naturigin and now offer a range of 19 colours, from the lightest blonde to black. All colours are permanent and offer 100% grey coverage.


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Blaine Box: The Period Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are proving to be super popular right now, with boxes ranging from food to jewellery to clothing. But how about a subscription box to help you get through that time of the month? Introducing Blaine Box, NZ’s first ever period subscription box.

Blaine Box  is brand new to the market, and they launched in early September with their first box. It’s an easy way to get all of your monthly supplies while also getting some yummy treats and some pretty extras to help make that time of the month a little easier. I’m sure most women would agree that ‘that time of the month’ isn’t particularly pleasant, so being able to open up present and receive some pretty gifts is a lovely treat.

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Rhino Repair By Oasis Beauty

This year was one of the first winters that I’ve really felt the cold, and as a result  my skin has been suffering; it’s been feeling really dry and my poor hands have been rough and cracked. I’ve also been experiencing some mild eczema on the insides of my knees and on my elbows, and I’m pretty sure this is just down to the cold weather. It’s awfully uncomfortable though, and there’s been nights where I’ve struggled to sleep as my skin feels so itchy.

I had heard of the fabled Rhino Repair from NZ company Oasis Beauty, however I had never tried it for myself. I’ve read many reviews where people raved about it being brilliant for dry skin so when a tube of it arrived for me to try I was absolutely thrilled. I was keen to see how it worked on my dry cracked hands, as well as the small patches of eczema. Rhino Repair is completely made from natural ingredients, and contains some serious skin soothers including Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Rosehip and NZ Honey. It can be used on any skin type (yes, even sensitive), and it can even be used on babies; it’s just that gentle!


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The Living Nature Thickening Mascara

I can’t tell you how much fun I’m having on my new safer beauty journey. I’m getting the chance to explore new brands, new ingredients, and new products and it’s such a refreshing change from the same-same products I was reviewing. Some of the brands I’ve stumbled across, I’ve never heard of and I get to experience and try out what they have to offer. Other brands are familiar to me, but I perhaps haven’t used all of their products before. This is the case with Living Nature; I love their skincare products and their Summer Bronze Bronzing Powder but I had never tried much else in their makeup range. The Living Nature team have kindly sent me quite a few products from their makeup range to try out, and I’m excited to share these beautiful products with you over the course of the next couple of months. One product I’ve been particularly impressed with is the Living Nature Thickening Mascara.

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OOTD: The Plaid Shirt

If there’s one item of clothing that I’ve certainly had my wear out of this winter it has been my beloved puffer vest from Forever New. (Yes, ANOTHER Forever New item…. I’m obsessed!)  I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I bought it a few months back and you’ll see it popping up in another outfit post very soon! It’s so warm and it’s such a lovely fit as its ribbed down the sides, meaning it fits the body nicely. The fact that it has a hood also gives it a giant thumbs up! I’ve been wearing this for casual wear in the weekends as well as throwing it over a running jacket when I head out for a walk after work. It’s just enough to help take the chill off while not being too hot, like a puffer jacket would be, while exercising.

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The Nude By Nature Contour and Highlight Palettes

When I decided to begin my natural beauty journey, I was tasked with replacing about 99% of my makeup. While I had quite a few natural skincare products, I owned hardly any natural makeup, and many of the products that I thought might be safe, really weren’t.  I knew a few people who had been using the Nude By Nature brand, and after doing a little bit of research learnt that they avoid using many of the main toxic chemicals in their makeup products. They are also a very easy to brand to purchase here in NZ as they are sold in Farmers stores as well as being fairly affordable. I own a few pieces from this makeup brand now, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you on two of their newer products; the contour palette and the highlight palette.

Contouring and highlighting are still major beauty trends, with most brands jumping on the bandwagon and bringing out some form of product. While I love my highlighters, I’ve never been one for majorly contouring my face, instead preferring more of a natural look to a highly sculpted one. One thing that really drew me to the Nude By Nature Contour and Highlight products was how natural they looked, while still offering a subtle accentuating of the face. The palettes are also fairly affordable (especially if you pick them up on sale like I did!)


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OOTD: The Asymmetrical Jumper

A few weeks ago it dawned on me that we lived quite close to the perfect area for taking some outfit pictures! This industrial area with it’s cute little bridge makes for the perfect location to shoot some OOTD’s and luckily my wonderful boyfriend was very obliging to play camera man. The sun was setting as we took these but I’m really enjoying doing more fashion posts on the blog, so expect to see a lot more as we head into summer!


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