Jessup (Ebay) Brush Set Review

Hi lovelies!

I have been after a new brush set for ages, but I didn’t really want to spend too much money – so brands like Sigma were out! I was tossing up whether to buy the Real Techniques or XO Beauty Brushes, when I came across a post in the Makeup Obsessives group about some fantastic brushes you could purchase off Ebay. Many people had compared them to the Sigma ones in terms of quality, and for approximately $25 NZD, they sounded like something I simply had to try!

Jessup Brushes

I have never bought off Ebay before, but I was really impressed at how easy it was! The seller I got my brushes from, onmyway2013, had really high feedback, and offered free shipping to New Zealand which was a bonus! There were different sized sets you could choose from, but I decided to get the 10 piece which included 5 face brushes and 5 eyebrushes.

The shipping took about 3 weeks, which was fairly decent as these products came from Hong Kong. I had made my order in early December, so taking into account the delay in shipping over the Christmas period, I think three weeks was acceptable. When my brushes arrived they were packaged well, in individual plastic sleeves and then protected with a bubble wrapped bag. The seller had also thrown in a free face sponge. This was branded as a “Bobbi Brown” sponge – I highly doubt that’s real! The first thing I noticed when I unwrapped the brushes was how terrible they smelled. They smelled strongly of chemicals, as did the sponge.

I made a point of washing my brushes thoroughly  twice. After I had done this the smell had disappeared, and I felt better about using them on my face! When I was washing, there were very few hairs falling out which impressed me. They are also extremely soft, and fairly dense which makes them a dream to apply product with.

Now I am no master at knowing which brush is for what, I just use whichever one feels like its going to be right at the time. Some of these brushes I use for a specific purpose, and some of them I don’t. But here’s how usually I use them….

Jessup Brushes 2

Round Topped Brush: I love using this one for applying mineral foundation as I find it blends the powder into my skin perfectly, although it can be used for any type of foundation application

Flat Topped Brush: I use this one for my liquid foundations. I always used this kind of brush for applying this, and I find that this one is great as the bristles are so dense – it makes it super easy to work the product into your skin.

Flat Topped Angled Brush: I use this one for applying bronzer and sometimes blush. Since it’s angled it supposed to be perfect for contouring, however I find it’s a little to big to be used for this.

Tapered Brush: This one, to me, is the weak link in this brush set. It’s supposed to be used for contouring or for applying foundation into the little corners of your face, but I find that it is rather annoying to use. This is the one brush that I hardly reach for. Maybe one day I’ll find a use for it, and if you have any suggestions, leave a comment below!

Round Topped Angle Brush : I love this brush for applying blush. It’s really dense and very soft so it applies the blush so naturally on my face. I also sometimes use this one for bronzer.

Jessup Brushes 4

Round Top Brush: This is my absolute favourite blending brush. It’s lovely and fluffy and blends my eyeshadow perfectly. This is my favourite out of the eye brushes.

Fluffy Tapered Brush: This is another fantastic brush for blending eyeshadow, it’s great for working colour into the crease

Flat Topped Brush : I don’t use this one a lot, but when I do, I use it to apply and blend  concealer

Round Topped Angled Brush: Another fluffy brush, that’s great for blending

Small Tapered Brush: I use this for contouring my nose, and also for drawing on the contour to my cheeks before I blend it out with a bigger, fluffier brush.

Overall, I love these brushes as they are so soft, and after a solid month of use they are still in fantastic condition. They are easy to wash, and there is minimal bristle fall out. If you don’t think you will use all ten brushes, you can get smaller sets or the face and eye brushes by themselves. For the price you really can’t go wrong!

27 thoughts on “Jessup (Ebay) Brush Set Review

  1. I’ve always had half an eye on these, so it’s good to see they’re worth the spend! I like the look of the smaller ones for concealer, like alternatives to the Real Techniques eye brush everyone uses…

      • How did you remove the smell?? What did you use to wash the brushes? I’ve washed it three times but the smell isn’t going. Uses antibacterial and brush cleaner nothing has worked yet

  2. Wow so that was 10 pieces for $25NZD??? I think its time I invested in some brushes! I’ve just always nicked my sister’s since she barely uses them hehe. Great review!

  3. Hey, I just ordered these brushes too thanks to your review. I know the sigma tapered brush is great for blending out concealer under the eye, I’ve seen many YouTube make up artists do that and it looks beautiful. You should try that out!!

  4. Interesting review! I am a die-hard sigma fan and I can’t live with out my sigma brushes. But, I might have to give these a try. Great site too, keep up the good work!

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    • I really like the black colour, but it’s totally up to you as to which you prefer🙂 I have the 15 piece set also, and I really like it. I think for the price they are fantastic quality x

  7. Thanks I have heard about the Jessup brushes but I was a bit hesitate now I will try them but could you please give a link to your seller. I mean the link to the person you bought yours from. Regards Elizabeth

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