Why I’m No Longer Going To Be A Typical Beauty Blogger…

Why I’m No Longer Going To Be A Typical Beauty Blogger…

Today is August the 1st and that marks a huge change here at The Lilly Mint Blog. I’ve been blogging about beauty products for the past 3 years now and recently I’ve found myself getting more and more bored with reviewing such similar products. Generally, many beauty products are the same and there’s only so many adjectives you can use to describe a lipstick before it starts to get rather repetitive. If you google reviews of any popular beauty products, you’ll find hundreds of incredibly similar reviews pop up – and that’s just not what I want to write about anymore. I don’t want my blog to be just the same as every other beauty blog out there, I want it to be a reflection of things that I’m genuinely interested and passionate about.

That’s why, from today, I’m taking a completely new direction with The Lilly Mint Blog. You won’t find the same old beauty reviews on here, instead I’m taking a more natural approach. After doing quite a bit of research into the chemicals used to manufacture many beauty products I’m absolutely shocked at what we are putting on our skin. Even many of the brands that claim to be “natural” are absolutely ridden with chemicals that have been associated with cancer and creating hormone issues. It’s for this reason, that from now on I’ll only be featuring products on my blog that don’t contain parabens, phenoexyethanol, PEG’s, formaldehyde releasing chemicals, and a bunch of other nasties.  As well as natural beauty products, there will be much more of a focus on fashion and lifestyle which are two areas that I’m becoming more passionate about. I love shooting “outfit of the day” posts, and there will be far more of these on blog. I’ll also be sharing my favourite recipes, restaurants, and lifestyle products as well as travel. Instead of being a beauty blog, this blog is going to become more of my personal diary. It’s all of my favourite things in life, shared with you.


It wasn’t an easy decision to make, and in all honesty I’ve been thinking about it for months, but when I finally made up my mind I felt a sense of relief. It’s made me love blogging again, knowing that I can create interesting content that I’m actually passionate about! While I’ll be featuring only “safer” beauty products on my blog, I’ll also be completely switching to using them in my day to day life. I owned A LOT of makeup, and over the past month or so I’ve gotten rid of hundreds of products and probably cleared out about 90% of my makeup and beauty collection.  I’ve repurchased new safer beauty and makeup options and I feel so much happier about applying these products on my skin.

I have to disclaim that there are a couple of products I’ll still continue to use, as I’m yet to find a better option. For instance I will still dye my hair. I only do this every 3-4 months, but I’m yet to find a safer option that I actually like. Just like I’ll also continue to use dry shampoo on occasion as I’m yet to find a good replacement. If you have any suggestions then please fire them my way!

While this all might sound a little crazy, I’m really excited about this new direction. It’s my mission to find good quality beauty products that are actually safe for you, as we shouldn’t have to compromise beauty and health. I hope you’ll continue to follow me on this journey