Snow Day

Snow Day

A couple of weeks back the cold weather set in with force! We had been having a pretty nice winter up until then and then all of a sudden, wham! It’s now snowed three times (albeit fairly lightly), and we’ve had quite a fair few frosty mornings now! These pictures were taken back at the start of August when we had our first snowfall. There wasn’t much snow on the flatter parts of Dunedin so we headed up into the hills to take these shots. I can’t tell you how cold it was up there, but it’s also so lovely being in the middle of a snowy field with the snow flittering down! Wearing lighter coloured pants probably wasn’t the smartest idea, by the time I got back in the car there were dark wet patches all over them from where the snow had melted – not so flattering! Luckily we headed home to warm up in front of the heater and to enjoy some hot chocolates!


When it comes to winter clothing I am all about the layering, and quite often I’ll layer merino pieces with chunky knits for extra warmth. I always buy my merino tops from Glassons, and I love the scoop neck long sleeve tops as they are so versatile. They are nice and fitted, so sit well under other items as an extra layer, and they also look nice enough to be worn by themselves. Quite often in the weekends I’ll just wear a merino top with a pair of jeans and a necklace; a cute yet casual outfit! I’m also loving this sleeveless roll neck tunic from Forever New (another sale bargain I picked up a few weeks back!) It’s oversized and so snuggly and looks awesome paired with jeans and booties. I’ll be showing this one up close in another OOTD post soon!


Knit Sleeveless Tunic – Forever New
Grey Merino – Glassons
Jeans – Jay Jays
Boots – Kmart
Glasses – Max & Co*
Necklace – Equip