The Nude By Nature Contour and Highlight Palettes

The Nude By Nature Contour and Highlight Palettes

When I decided to begin my natural beauty journey, I was tasked with replacing about 99% of my makeup. While I had quite a few natural skincare products, I owned hardly any natural makeup, and many of the products that I thought might be safe, really weren’t.  I knew a few people who had been using the Nude By Nature brand, and after doing a little bit of research learnt that they avoid using many of the main toxic chemicals in their makeup products. They are also a very easy to brand to purchase here in NZ as they are sold in Farmers stores as well as being fairly affordable. I own a few pieces from this makeup brand now, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you on two of their newer products; the contour palette and the highlight palette.

Contouring and highlighting are still major beauty trends, with most brands jumping on the bandwagon and bringing out some form of product. While I love my highlighters, I’ve never been one for majorly contouring my face, instead preferring more of a natural look to a highly sculpted one. One thing that really drew me to the Nude By Nature Contour and Highlight products was how natural they looked, while still offering a subtle accentuating of the face. The palettes are also fairly affordable (especially if you pick them up on sale like I did!)


The packaging of both palettes is really beautiful, with a rose gold coloured case which houses a generous sized mirror and three pans of powder. The rose gold is really pretty, however since the case is mirrored it does show up all the mucky fingerprints, so I’m forever wiping it clean! The cases snap shut nicely which protects the powders, although I did notice that the powder pans don’t sit in the palette quite as nicely as I’d hoped. They are a little loose, so I do wonder if a significant knock to the palette would spell the end for the powders!



The highlight palette is the one that I get the most use of out of the two, which is no surprise as I do love a good highlight! It contains three shades; bronze, rose, and champagne and all three are incredibly pretty shades. They aren’t ridiculously pigmented or glittery, so if you are after a full on highlight this certainly isn’t the palette for you. Instead you get a subtle shimmery wash of colour which looks very natural upon the skin. My favourite out of the three colours is the champagne shade as it works the best with my skintone and is perfect on me as a cheekbone highlight. The rose shade isn’t very pigmented so I can also use this as a highlight and it works especially well when paired with matte blushes. The bronze shade isn’t one I’ve used very often, but I think I’ll use this more in the summertime when I’m a little more bronzed. If you have darker skin, this colour could be used as a highlight, but for me it’s more of a shimmery bronzer.


All three pans contain quite a bit of product, so I think it will take me some time to make it through this palette. I’ve hardly made a dent in the champagne shade and I’ve been using it for weeks now. Overall this is a good palette if you are after a subtle highlight and want to trial a few different shades.


The contour kit contains three shades, all of which are matte. There’s a cool toned contour colour, a warmer medium bronzer, and a vanilla matte highlight. Like the highlight kit, these aren’t very pigmented, so they work well on lighter skin as they do need to be layered to create any sort of depth. This makes them great for beginners as you can’t really go too heavy handed. The cooler matte colour really is the perfect colour for creating a natural contour. Some contour shades can leave the skin looking muddy or orange but this shade really creates the perfect shadow. The bronze shade is quite warm toned and it does add a nice bronzy glow to the skin. The vanilla shade is great as a matte highlight or it can be used under the eyes to lighten the area or to set concealer (much like a banana-style powder). I think I’ll probably go through the bronzer shade and the vanilla shade quite quickly as the pans are fairly small size for these products and they are products that are generally used quite often. It’s a shame they aren’t available in larger pans separately.


Overall, this is a good contour kit and the colours are all well chosen and would work well on a range of skin tones.

Both the highlight palette and the contour kit retail for $44.95 each or you can get them slightly cheaper on the Nude By Nature website.

Have you tried any of the highlight or contour products from Nude By Nature? What did you think?