The Beige Wrap Coat

I purchased this beige wrap coat towards the end of last winter from boohoo. I popped it in my wardrobe with great intentions to wear it this winter, however moving at the start of winter sort of messed with my plans. I have an awful lot of clothes, so when I shifted I took all of my favourite pieces with me and left the rest in the spare wardrobe at my parents’ house. It wasn’t until a few weeks back  that I went back to pick up some Spring and Summer clothes, that I remembered about this jacket. I really love the style of the wrap jackets – they are so cosy and they are still very much on trend. This one is made from a lighter weight fabric (almost a felt fabric), which makes it perfect for the transitional months. The lighter beige colour is also a nice change to my typical black coats, and it pairs well with either lighter or darker denim.


While I adore this coat, I have to admit it doesn’t really pair very well with this bag. It wasn’t until I looked at these photos, I realised that the thin strap of the bag messes with the larger collar. This coat would really rather suit a clutch or a shoulder bag with a thicker strap. I guess I’ve learnt my lesson for next time! 😊

Wrap coat – boohoo (similar here)
Shirt – Kmart (similar here)
Jeans – RES Denim (same here)
Ballet flats – Kmart (similar here)
Sunglasses – Collette Dinnagan  (same here)
Bag  – Karen Walker (similar here)


This chiffon shirt is another favourite piece of mine that I find myself wearing year round. I love the black and white print and I’ve had so many people asking me where I got this shirt from. Needless to say they are all surprised when I say Kmart!



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