The Black Robin Mellow Out Soothing Mask

A month or so ago when I did a little haul at Oh Natural, I picked up this gorgeous face mask from Black Robin Skincare. I hadn’t tried anything from this brand before but I’ve heard such wonderful things about these masks, in fact they are often sold out! There’s two options available, the Mellow Out Soothing Mask and the Green Genie Purifying Mask, and I decided on the Soothing Mask mainly because it was in a pink bottle (no lie, packaging gets me every time).

The Mellow Out Clay Mask is designed for drier or sensitive skin. Some clays can prove to be a little harsh on sensitive skin, however the inclusion of French Pink Clay (which is a very gentle clay), stills allows the impurities to be removed without inflaming the skin. Hibiscus powder gives this mask it’s pretty pink colour, and as well as being high in antioxidants, it also helps to gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin.  Oat flour and marshmallow root are designed to also help reduce inflammation of the skin, as well as being rich in skin loving nutrients.


This is a powdered clay mask, so you need to mix it with a little water to turn it into a paste. It’s important to not use a metal bowl or mixing tools as the metal can react with the clay and reduce its potency and effectiveness (same goes with any type of clay!). I mix mine up in a little ceramic bowl with a wooden stirrer and apply it to my face using a flat foundation brush. I always used to think that powdered masks were so messy and such a hassle to make up, but the truth is that it really takes no time at all. The ingredients actually stay fresher and more effective dry, so by mixing the mask just as you are ready to use it, it ensures that it is as fresh as possible and will have the most effect. It’s just important it  keep it safe in a dry place and ensure no liquid gets into the bottle.

This mask does harden as it dries, and it takes around 10-15 minutes to completely dry (depending on how much water was added). As it dries it does start to feel a little tight on the skin, but in no way uncomfortable. It’s also pretty easy to remove with a warm washcloth. I’ve noticed my skin goes quite red after using the majority of clay masks, and it goes a little red after I’ve used this one too. The redness does go away quite quickly, but I always just make sure I do this mask before bed so it give it enough time to clear. The reason that clay masks normally cause the skin to go a little red, is because they improve blood circulation and draw impurities out of the skin, hence the redness. It’s completely normal, but if you do have a reaction or your skin burns, then definitely wash it off straight away!


My skin feels pretty damn good after using this mask, and it definitely feels much smoother and softer. As mentioned, I do go a little red once it’s washed off, but this has always disappeared in about an hour or so. This mask works well on my normal/combination skin, and I think it would be really good for those with sensitive skin too as it is very gentle. I can get a little sensitive around my nose, and this mask has never aggravated this unlike some other clay masks I’ve tried. I always make sure I use a moisturiser after this mask, as of course it’s a little drying since it is a clay mask.

Overall, I’d definitely repurchase this one and I’d recommend it to anyone who is after a more gentle clay mask. It retails for $17.95 and you’d get quite a few masks out of the 55 gram bottle, so it’s quite cost effective too. If you’re not sold on the large size, you can also try before you buy with the mini sachet that contains enough for 2-3 masks. This is only $4 and it’s a great way to make up your mind, especially if you’re deciding between the Soothing Mask or the Green Genie. You can buy online here.

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