The Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish Remover

As part of my transition into natural beauty products, one of the most difficult products to change over to have been nail products. I hadn’t even really given nail products a second thought, and it wasn’t until I took the cap off a bottle of my non-acetone nail polish remover and got a whiff of the horrific chemically smell, that it dawned on me that it probably wasn’t that great for me. There are two types of nail polish removers, acetone and non-acetone. I’ve always used the non-acetone formulas as they are a little more gentle, but a quick look at the ingredients list shows that they really aren’t something you want being absorbed into your skin. After doing some research I stumbled across soy based nail polish removers, which are far safer and also a lot kinder to your nails. I had always hated the feeling of nail polish remover on my skin; that awful cold feeling it gives and the stinging sensation as it hits the tiniest cut, so soy nail polish remover sounded much more pleasant!

IMG_2947I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a lot from a soy based nail polish remover, and I was sort of half expecting that nail polish remover might have to just be one of those products I compromise on. But here’s the thing, the Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish Remover is REALLY good. I started it off on a tough polish; a glitter formula that’s always proved a little tricky to get off. I was seriously impressed when it removed it easily with little rubbing. I actually went through less cotton balls taking off the polish then I normally do with a regular remover! I’ve tested on different brands and formulas of polish and it removes all of them easy peasy.

I guess the only slight downside to this remover is that it is a little more messy. The product sits on top of the skin and nails, rather than being absorbed like other removers. This makes your fingers feel a bit greasy during the removal process and you just have to be careful you don’t get it everywhere. It all washes off easily at the end though, so it’s a tiny price to pay.


I’ve noticed that since I’ve been using this remover my nails look much healthier. This product is much more gentle on the nails and doesn’t strip the moisture from them like other removers generally do. My nails haven’t felt dry or damaged after using this, and they feel much stronger than they used to.

I’m seriously impressed with this stuff and I’d never go back to using regular remover now. It is a bit more expensive than regular stuff, but it’s a price I’m happy to pay for a product that’s more gentle and much more effective. I bought mine from Oh Natural


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