The BBQ Chicken Burger

Quite possibly one of the tastiest and easiest meals we’ve been enjoying lately are these BBQ Chicken Burgers. They take no more than 20 minutes to cook and they are a much healthier alternative to takeaway burgers.  Of course there are a million combinations for burgers, but this is the combo we are really loving at the moment. It’s quick, easy and incredibly tasty and I’d take one of these burgers over Velvet Burger any day. They are also really cheap to make too!

The star ingredient is the delicious Anathoth BBQ Burger Relish*, which is quite possibly one of the best sauces I’ve tasted in a while. It’s rich and smokey and smells almost as good as it tastes! We’ve been using this in all our burger combinations lately, and it’s a winner in each one!



  • Chicken patties (we love the Tegal Takeouts as they are super convenient!)
  • Large bread buns
  • Anathoth BBQ Burger Relish
  • Fresh lettuce
  • Onions
  • Cheese

Simply bake the Tegal Takeouts in the oven until they are warmed through. Caramelise the onions in a little butter and olive oil. Cut the bread buns in half and toast burger buns in a little butter to warm them up… and to make them nice and crispy, pop them in the oven for a few minutes, with a little cheese on the bottom half. Of course you can use raw cheese in these burgers, but melted cheese really is the best 😉

Assemble the burger by using a generous heaped teaspoon of Anathoth BBQ  Burger Relish on the top of the burger and the caramelised onions on the bottom half. On top of the onions, place the Tegal Takeouts and then the baby lettuce. Pop the top on and you are ready to go.


The key is to invest in some really good burger buns. We got these large buns from Tip Top and they are delicious. They are the Baked Deluxe Corn Dusted Burger Buns and these things are goooddd!

*Please note: I was sent the Anathoth BBQ Burger Relish  for consideration. These views are my personal opinion and are no way influenced by others. I always provide an honest opinion, so you all know which products are worth purchasing

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