GO Superfood Green Spirulina Tablets

For the past few months now I’ve been taking the GO Superfoods Spirulina Tablets. I used to avoid spirulina at all costs as I’m really not a fan of the taste. I’ve always known how good spirulina is for us, so for a while there, I’d force myself include it in a smoothie and would absolutely hate every second while trying to drink the stuff down. I thought it might grow on me but it really didn’t, and I gave up including this superfood in my diet. Needless to say, I was pretty thrilled to see that GO Superfoods sell spirulina in tablet form, and best of all the tablets are TASTE FREE. That’s right, all the benefits of spirulina without the awful taste.


Spirulina is well known as an essential superfood; it’s packed full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and it’s also extremely high in protein. I’ve been making a point of eating protein rich foods lately, so I was happy to see that Spirulina is one of the highest natural sources of protein at around 60-70% Spirulina is also excellent for overall health and increasing energy naturally – exactly what I needed!

So what exactly is Spirulina? It’s a type of algae that’s found in fresh water. Once harvested, the algae is extracted, washed and made into a sort of paste that is left to dry and is then made into the common spirulina powder or pressed into tablet form.

For the past few months now I’ve been making a point of taking four of these tablets each morning. They are so easy to take and I’ll often have them with my morning glass of water or a smoothie. I don’t know if it’s just a coincidence or not, but I have to say that when I’m taking these regularly,  I feel like I have a lot of energy throughout the day and I sleep much better at night. I’m going to continue taking them, and I’m really happy to have been able to find a way to include this superfood into my diet.


The Go Superfood Spirulina Green Tablets are available in either the 300 tablet jar ($39.90) or 500 tablet jar ($64.90) or you can pick them up from Health Post a little cheaper!

Please note: I was sent this product for consideration. These views are my personal opinion and are no way influenced by others. I always provide an honest opinion, so you all know which products are worth purchasing

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