Fitness Diary: I Joined A Gym?

Today I joined a gym. Which to most people probably isn’t a biggie, but for me it’s massive. I’ve never been a sporty person, and while I do like keeping fit (aka going for walks), I’ve been a bit slack lately. I’ve always toyed with the idea of joining a gym, however I knew finding the time to actually go was going to be the problem. It’s also a bit daunting heading into a place where there are so many fit people. Will they think I’m a dork? Will I use the equipment wrong and end up on some Fail Army video? Will I fall off the treadmill? All these silly things going through my head have stopped me from hitting the gym in the past. So I’ve decided to start 2017 fresh, get over my fear of looking like an idiot and I’ve done the hard bit…. I’ve joined.


The gym I chose was Anytime Fitness in Dunedin Central. It has easy parking, but even better it’s right in between my work and my carpark. I’m hoping this will encourage me more to go to the gym on the way home from work. I’m also joining a no-contract programme, which is slightly more expensive per week, but it means I can leave if I need to. I knew I would never have joined if I had to sign up for a year at a time…. that’s just way too much commitment  😉 Also, as the name suggests, Anytime Fitness is a 24/7  gym so I can go when it suits me. I like this as I’ll be opting to go to the gym at the quieter times to begin with!

It’s my goal to go two or three times during the week and once on weekends. I’m not going to get cut up about it if I don’t make this goal, but it’s what I’m aiming for to begin with. My gym goals are to increase my cardio and to get more toned through my arms and tummy. I’m not interested in losing weight, but just becoming the healthiest and best version of myself I can be. As well as getting fitter I want to be more careful about what I eat. I used to be really good at limiting my sugar intake and I found I had so much more energy when I did. I want to start doing this again and saying no to the cake!

I thought I might document my “get fit” thing on the blog, coz why not? Also I have a whole heap of cute activewear that I can’t wait to share with you. If I’m going to go to a gym I’m going to look the part while I’m there 😉


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