Why You Should Use Organic Cleansing Cloths

One thing I’ve learnt since I became interested in natural products, is just how many hidden chemicals there are in rather innocent looking products. Take for example the humble makeup removal pad…. more often than not, cotton makeup removal pads are made from cotton which has been treated with chemicals both in processing and during it’s time on the cotton plant. These chemicals are often still found in many cotton products. It’s for this reason that I started doing some research into organic cloths for removing my makeup. There aren’t many available in NZ, and those that are organic are often quite expensive so I started to research reusable options. It’s actually a bit worrying when you think how many cotton pads you go through in say a year. I usually would use two a day, so that’s at least 730 a year…. maybe more. All of these are then being tossed into the rubbish and thrown away.

I came across the Organic Cleansing Cloths on the Black Robin Skincare website and even though there was no photo, I decided to bite the bullet and order them anyway. You get 2 cloths in a packet for $16.95, so they aren’t the cheapest but they are reusable. I’ve started off using one cloth and I’ve been using it for around 3 months now and I feel it’s still got quite a few months left in it. I ordered the colour Ecru which is a great “dirty” colour, so it doesn’t show up the makeup marks the same. I’d imagine the white ones would discolour pretty quickly!

Organic Reusable Cleansing Cloths

I use these Organic Cleansing Cloths in conjunction with my PT Pure Makeup Remover to remove all my makeup – eyes, face and lips. The texture of the cleansing cloths not only removes makeup easily, but also gently exfoliates the skin at the same time.

Once my makeup is removed, I’ll generally follow up with a wet facecloth to remove any excess makeup left behind, before moving on to my full skincare routine. I simply run the cleansing cloth under a little water, give it a squeeze out, and pop it on the windowsill to let it dry in the sun. Every second day I also give it a wash with my Dr Bronner’s Liquid Castille Soap to remove any makeup build up or bacteria.

Organic Reusable Cleansing Cloths

I love these Organic Cleansing Cloths and it’s nice knowing that I’m reusing a product rather than throwing something away each day. I know it’s made from organic cotton so it’s better for my skin, and it’s also better for the environment when I do decide to throw it away. I really love these and I can’t see myself swapping back to disposable pads




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