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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day here in NZ, and it’s today for all my readers in the States. I hope you are all having  (or had) a lovely day and are spending it with those you love, be it a partner, family or friends. I have to be honest I’ve never been much for Valentine’s Day as I never really understood the point of having only one day to show how much we love the special people in our lives – shouldn’t it be an everyday occurrence rather than a yearly thing? While I do still believe this, I’ve come to look forward to Valentine’s Day as a symbol of love. It’s another event on the calendar that people can look forward to and feel good about, whether they are single or coupled up. It’s about being thankful for and spending time with those people in our lives that we consider special – no matter how they are related to us.

This year my boyfriend and I planned to cook a nice meal but he ended up having to work, and I had to go to the gym. So we are now having our Valentines Day celebrations on Friday night.  We are planning to cook a delicious meal of steak and mushroom sauce (a favourite of both of ours), and we’ll also crack open a bottle of rose and watch a movie. Simple, but it fits us perfectly.

The Glassons Heart Printed Dress - NZ Fashion Blogger

I thought it was perfect timing to share with you this pretty heart print dress that I picked up a couple of months back at Glassons. I love the Glassons chiffon dresses as they are the perfect length and style to wear either as dresses or paired with tights or leggings. I like to wear a black slip under the dress, as the chiffon has a tendency to go static sometimes and cling to my legs (and that is not flattering!)  As you can tell, I’m also loving hats lately, and this one is actually from Kmart last season. It’s a felt hat that’s perfect for the cooler months. Is it bad if I say I’m already getting excited about winter outfits? ❄️

The Glassons Heart Printed Dress - NZ Fashion Blogger

The Glassons Heart Printed Dress - NZ Fashion Blogger

Dress – Glassons (similar style here and heart printed dress here)
Slip (worn under dress but not shown) – love these ones from Glassons as they aren’t too long
Boots – Kmart (similar here)
Bag – Rebecca Minkoff (similar here
Hat – Kmart (this one is almost exactly the same!)

Also, how beautiful is this location for taking photos? It’s an area of Dunedin called Cragieburn and it looks out over the Ross Creek Reservoir. It’s an old farm that was settled back in pioneer times  and it’s such a lovely place to take photos in, especially on a semi cloudy day like this!

The Glassons Heart Printed Dress - NZ Fashion Blogger

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  1. Kara Aragon

    February 18, 2017 at 5:34 am

    Such a great location! Hope your late V-day celebration is great ♥

    1. Sarah Lilly

      February 19, 2017 at 5:14 pm

      It’s such a pretty place to take photos, I’ll definitely be going back there! Thank you and I hope you had a lovely Valentines Day too! x

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