Naturigin Hair Dye Application

By now, you guys probably know that I only use one brand of hair dye and that is Naturigin. I seriously love this stuff. It doesn’t smell awful like regular hair dye and it’s so much easier to apply. It also doesn’t feel irritating on the scalp and it doesn’t contain the masses of chemicals that many other brands contain. I did a review of the 4.0 Brown shade in this post here, but lately I’ve been loving the 3.0 Dark Coffee Brown shade. I personally love darker hair on myself, and this shade has the beautiful chocolatey colour that I love. It’s a very warm and rich colour that has slight red tones to it. I love this, as I have naturally quite ashy hair, so some warmth really livens up my hair a little bit.

Like 4.0, this shade leaves my hair feeling soft, smooth and healthy. It adds so much shine and life to my hair and I feel a bit like a hair model! This colour is quite a bit darker than 4.0, but I think I prefer this one just due to the richer colour. I’ve filmed a little video below to show you how easy this dye is to use and also shows the before and afters. This is my second time dying my hair using 3.0 Dark Coffee Brown, so the before image shows how my hair looks after around three months of the colour fading and lightening up in the sun.

Also, while this is easy enough to apply yourself from the bottle, I usually rope my mum into helping me apply it as my hair is quite long! We like to mix it in a bowl and apply it that way – super easy!

Naturigin is the only hair dye I use now, and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results I get from this. At $34.95 for a box it’s far cheaper than getting my hair dyed in the salon, and is similar in price to other quality box dyes. You can purchase Naturigin at these global stockists, or if you are in New Zealand then purchase from The Beauty Lounge.

Please note: I was sent this product for the purpose of this video. I have purchased this hair dye myself before and I love it. These views are my personal opinion and are no way influenced by others. I always provide an honest opinion, so you all know which products are worth purchasing


3 thoughts on “Naturigin Hair Dye Application

  1. That looks interesting! All the box dyes I’ve used, you mix it in the bottle and then squirt on your head, not mix in a bowl. I think I might struggle to apply that – can you do it yourself or do you need another person?

    1. Hey Lena! As mentioned in the post this is just the way I do it – you can totally mix it in the bottle and apply it that way too. I find it easier to mix in a bowl first but it’s just personal preference 🙂 I have quite long hair so I often get someone to help me just to ensure I’ve done the back correctly! x

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