OOTD: White Jeans

About six months ago I purchased a pair of white jeans. I’ve never owned white jeans before as I was absolutely terrified I’d spill something on them while I was out and about, and would therefore end up looking like a total dork. I’m kind of a bit clumsy so the chance of me getting coffee all over my pants or sitting in something, is pretty high. After leaving them in my closet for quite sometime, I thought it was about time I wore them out before the weather totally packed up and we are in the depths of winter. These jeans have the prettiest rose gold hardware, and if your like me and love rose gold, then you will find this very exciting! When I purchased this blue and silver top from French Connection, I knew it would be the perfect top to pair with these jeans as blue and white always looks so fresh.

The Lilly Mint Blog - NZ Fashion Blog

The Lilly Mint Blog - NZ Fashion Blog

I paired the lighter colours with tan accessories in the form of this bag and these ballet flats. These flats are from Kmart and only cost about $8 which I thought was a total bargain. They have a leather upper and when I tried them on in the store they were so comfy! I wore them out for the first time to take these photos and we had literally walked no more than a couple of minutes down the path before they began to cut into the back of my heels.  By the time I got back to the car I was in complete agony and the back of my heels was an absolute mess. Does anyone else have this issue? I seem to find ballet flats so hard to buy as they always end up cutting into my heels really badly. I have one pair of black flats (that are now ancient) that I’ll need to replace soon and I have no idea what brand to buy to avoid this blister issue! Help! What brand of ballet flats do you buy?

Singlet Top – French Connection (buy here)
Jeans – Pagan Marie (buy here)
Shoes – Kmart (similar here)
Bag – Michael Kors (similar here)
Sunglasses – (similar here)

Also I feel like I should say that these photos haven’t been edited. This view is 100% real and it is just this blue and green in real life. How lucky am I to live here, seriously. This beach is called Second Beach and it’s near St Clair which is well known for it’s surfing culture and incredible cafes. It’s such a pretty place to take photos, and every time I come here there’s something different to look at or the weather is totally different. It’s just as beautiful on a misty moody day.

The Lilly Mint Blog - NZ Fashion Blog

The Lilly Mint Blog - NZ Fashion Blog

The Lilly Mint Blog - NZ Fashion Blog


11 thoughts on “OOTD: White Jeans

  1. I love this outfit and post! I too have that problem with new flats, I wish I could say that it got better however every pair of flats I own always cut the back of my heels! The only pair that hasn’t done that, I got from H&M over a year ago and I’ve had no problems! But for all the other pairs, blister bandaids are my best friend!!

    1. That’s great you found a pair that you don’t have issues with, maybe I’ll have to try H&M! I’m at the point where I dread buying flats as they are just always so comfy in the shops and then so disappointing when they hurt after a few hours of wear! I’ll definitely have to get a pack of blister bandaids! x

  2. Yeh I’m usually afraid to wear white jeans cuz I’m clumsy and might spill things on it lol. But your outfit is awesome the pairing.

    And thank you for dropping by my blog! I’m following you now. Please follow back if you find my blog interesting too. 😊

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