The Best Berry Protein Smoothie

I’ve never been much of a breakfast person. I don’t really enjoy eating cereals and toast on a regular basis, and while I do love a cooked breakfast, that’s more of a weekend thing. For years I’d miss breakfast completely, and as a result I’d just end up eating filler foods like muesli bars or muffins mid-morning as I was so hungry. A year or so ago I started making smoothies and this has become my breakfast of choice. It’s a great way to get my dairy intake for the day (as I’m also not much of a dairy person either), and it’s such a simple breakfast to whip up in the morning. Recently I’ve been adding a scoop of protein to my smoothies, which not only helps to give me my necessary protein for the day, it also helps to repair muscles after I’ve been working out and it also keeps me fuller for longer.

Berry Protein Smoothie Recipe

I have a few recipes for smoothies that I plan to share with you, but this berry protein smoothie is my-go to. It’s super tasty and you can alter how thick or thin you like the smoothie by how much milk you add. The recipe below makes one smoothie serve, so I’ll often double it in the morning and will make one for the bf too

Berry Protein Smoothie

  • 1/2 a cup of berries (I love mixed berries)
  • 2 tablespoons of berry yoghurt
  • 3/4 scoop of protein powder
  • 1 banana (optional)
  • Top up to max line with milk

Berry Protein Smoothie Recipe

Of course, you can also swap the milk out for coconut milk, and I’ve been doing this lately. Just use an equal amount of coconut milk and water if you don’t want the smoothie to be too rich.

What are your favourite smoothie combos? I’m always on the hunt for more!



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  1. Megan Elizabeth Lifestyle

    April 17, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    This looks so good! I am never sure about protein powder but if it is in a smoothie like this I wouldn’t say no!

    1. Sarah Lilly

      April 18, 2017 at 2:22 pm

      It’s delicious and you can’t even taste the protein powder when you pop it in a smoothie, the berries sort of overpower it 🙂 Protein powders can be a bit hit or miss (some can taste kind of chalky), but I love the one from Scorpion Supplements, it dissolves really nicely and I even drink it straight with just milk! Thanks for reading and have a fab day! x

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