My Current Skincare Routine

Today I wanted to share with you my current skincare routine. I love writing routine posts, and while I do like to mix products up, these are my absolute staples and are the products that I generally use on a daily basis. I feel that I’ve really been all over the place with products over the past 9 months. In making the swap to natural products, I tried out quite a few different products before finding those that I truly love and work for my skin type. Of course, everyone is different and it’s really about experimenting and seeing what works for you. I’m sure by the time I write another of these posts, my routine will have changed yet again!

I’ve always been about keeping it as simple as possible, and I’d rather use just a couple of quality products rather than lots of different serums and lotions that perhaps don’t work as well. Some might look at my skincare routine and think it’s pretty basic, but it works for me and that’s what matters!


In the morning I like to wash my face as soon as I get out of bed. I’ll use a warm washcloth to dampen my skin, before I apply my cleanser. I love the 100% Pure Brightening Cleanser in the mornings. It’s a foaming cleanser that’s super simple to use, and I get the most out of it by using my Clairsonic Mia to really work it into the skin. Once my skin is cleansed and rinsed, I apply a couple of spritzes of the 100% Pure Green Tea and Jasmine Toner. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my skin since I’ve been using this – it works well to eliminate acne as well as providing a hit of hydration. I follow this up with the Tier For Teens Moisture* all over my face and neck. This absorbs in really quickly, so I can apply my makeup almost straight after.


My night time routine is a little more in-depth, but I still keep it really simple. I like to take my makeup off as soon as I get home and cleanse and wash my face and once I’ve done all of this I feel I can really relax for the night.  I remove my makeup by using the PT Pure Makeup Remover, which is an all-natural makeup remover and toner. I use my Black Robin Organic Cotton Pads to remove my makeup and I then use a warm wash cloth to remove any residual makeup and to remove the oiliness of the makeup remover. I then follow up with my cleanser, and currently I swap between two just depending on how my skin is feeling. If my skin is feeling a bit blah or oily, I’ll use my 100% Pure Brightening Cleanser as while this is effective, it’s also gentle enough to use twice daily.  Alternatively, I’ll use my Tier for Teens Wash* which is lovely and hydrating while still removing grime and getting rid of bacteria. Next I’ll follow up with a toner and I alternate between the 100% Pure Green Tea and Jasmine Toner that I use in the morning, and The Beauty Chef Probiotic Refining Toner. I’ll finish up with a moisturiser and generally I’ll use the same one as the morning – my Tier For Teens Moisture*. If my skin is feeling dry (more so in the winter) I’ll apply  jojoba oil from The Jojoba Company. Finally I’ll apply my Antipodes Kiwi Seed Eye Cream*. I really like this light eye cream, but it’s taken me an awful long time to get through this tiny pottle, and I’m feeling like I’m wanting to try something new. It’s for this reason I’ve also started applying a little on my neck. Girl’s gotta look after her neck too, right?


While my everyday skincare routine is pretty basic, I really love all the extra products that go along with skincare. I’m big on masks, and I’ll use them usually around 2-3 times a week, and it just depends on how my skin is feeling as to which mask I use. If my skin is feeling a bit oily or I’m experiencing breakouts I’ll apply my Black Robin Skincare Mellow Out Mask, as this is amazing at drawing all of the impurities out of my skin. Otherwise I love the Tier For Teens Mask* as a bit of an all-rounder and it’s what I use if my skin is feeling quite normal and I have no breakouts. If I’m feeling a bit dry I love the Linden Leaves Moisture Replenishing Mask, as this mask is a hit of hydration for the skin (plus it’s clear so it doesn’t look as freaky as some of my others!)

I also really love the feeling of exfoliating my skin, but I’ll be honest a good natural exfoliator is rather hard to come by. One of the best I’ve come across is the Wiki Skincare Cacao Exfoliant. This stuff is super messy, but it does a damn good job of smoothing out my skin. I also mentioned that I like using the Little Olive Tree Coffee Scrub* on my face, even though it’s actually a body scrub.

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into my skincare routine. If you know of any good natural exfoliators or eye creams, please let me know!

Please note: Anything marked with a * was sent to me for consideration at some stage – I love it so much it’s now part of my daily routine. These views are my personal opinion and are no way influenced by others. I always provide an honest opinion, so you all know which products are worth purchasing

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  1. hyacinthgirlbeauty

    May 11, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    I really liked the 100% pure eye cream when I tried it! Also – how cute is that PT Pure makeup remover bottle. I love it!

    1. Sarah Lilly

      May 11, 2017 at 6:18 pm

      I’ve always wanted to try that 100% Pure Eye Cream, I’ve heard so many good things, I think that will have to be next on the list! It is so cute isn’t it? Best makeup remover I’ve used! x

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