I Cancelled My Gym Membership?

I know what you’re thinking….Sarah you’ve just been telling us how much you love the gym and you’ve gone and cancelled your membership? Why!? Well, I’ve decided to swap gyms so I’ve ended my membership at Anytime Fitness Dunedin Central in order to change to Moana Pool Gym. I’ve done this for a number of reasons….

First up, my boyfriend goes to Moana Pool and we think it will be fun to be able to train together and do workouts together. Going to the gym is a whole heap more fun and motivating when you’ve got someone to go with. Plus, we can go swimming too which will be a nice change. I haven’t been swimming in years!

Secondly, Anytime Fitness was great when I started but the gym has gotten busier and busier and there is very little space. It’s a very tiny gym and they’ve gone and filled all the stretching areas and weights areas up with so much stuff that there’s hardly any room to move. As I’ve gone on, I’ve found myself doing a lot of my training in the stretch areas, and it’s almost impossible to train effectively when you are crammed into a tiny corner. There’s only enough for three or so people to be using the stretching space at one time, so it can be a matter of waiting for room to come available, or missing out on doing that training at all when the gym is busier. Likewise there are only about three or four weights benches, and there’s been quite a few times I’ve had to do my weights standing up as there’s no room available. Moana Pool offers a much more spacious gym with so much more room available for stretching and doing bodyweight exercises. They also have a lot more equipment like weight benches etc.

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Thirdly, an anytime gym really does have it’s disadvantages. Yes it’s open all hours of the day, but I’ve never actually found myself going any later than 9pm at night anyway.  The staff aren’t all that friendly and tend to sit in the office instead being out on the floor to help. They also don’t seem to monitor how the gym is being used or who is parking in the carpark. There are only about 10 parking spaces that are supposed to be for gym members only, however often other people park in them while the go shopping etc. The number of times I have seen someone park in a gym park and head to the stationary shop next door is so frustrating! Especially when sometimes you can’t actually get a park yourself. Moana Pool has much better parking and there are always gym instructors on the floor to help you out with your workout.

I’ve really felt a bit frustrated with my gym lately, and it’s really not been encouraging me to go. Knowing I’ll have to fight for space and equipment isn’t fun, and it’s meant I’ve just skipped the gym entirely unless I’ve known I can go at a quieter time of day.  I’m so excited to start with my new gym in just under three weeks. As well as being more spacious, it’s also quieter at Moana Pool meaning I’ll really be able to ramp up my training and hopefully this will be able to help me get out of this fitness funk I’m currently finding myself in.

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  1. Yvonne

    June 6, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    If the gym is too full and you have to wait around before you can use the equipment there is no point to pay a membership! Have a good day!
    xo Yvonne

    1. Sarah Lilly

      June 6, 2017 at 9:21 pm

      I completely agree Yvonne! Have a great day too and thanks for reading! x

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