Why Workout Gloves Are A Good Idea

Why Workout Gloves Are A Good Idea

Since I’ve started doing weights at the gym, my poor hands have taken a beating. Yes, I’m probably a bit of a wuss, but I’m definitely a girly girl and my hands are pretty soft. The continual picking up and lifting of weights has meant that I’ve ended up with some pretty nasty blisters and calluses as a result. Not only does it not look very cute, it’s actually also pretty sore!

A couple of months ago I decided to get myself some workout gloves, and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner! I ended up getting some from Nike as they were only $21 on sale at Rebel Sports. While I’m not sure if these are the exact ones, they are very similar!┬áSome gloves are priced up to around the $60 mark, which I think is kinda ridiculous for what are essentially fingerless gloves. I tried these ones on and felt like I had a good grip so I bought them. They are actually a size medium/large and they do fit me even though I have tiny hands. While I would have preferred a small, they didn’t have any and these are adjustable, so when they are on tight they fit me just fine.

Nike Workout Gloves

I’m so happy I bought these workout gloves as it’s really helped me out with my training. Not only do my hands not end up calloused and sore, the gloves actually give me a better grip on both the free weights. I feel like I can hold dumbbells etc much stronger than I could before, and I’m actually trying harder as I’m not so worried about hurting my hands.

I’ve also gotta say that wearing gloves at the gym is also quite good is you’re a bit of a germaphobe like me. I always used to think it was so gross picking up weights that other people had used, and my hands always felt sticky from the rubber afterwards. I’d leave the gym and would avoid trying to touch anything until I could go and wash my hands. Yip, I’m weird. Wearing gloves alleviates all of this and makes my hands feel so much cleaner after a workout. Yes I’m probably overreacting, but let’s be honest…. people can be pretty gross and gyms are basically a breeding ground for germs and bacteria!

If you are finding it a bit hard to grip weights or other training equipment, I really recommend getting a pair of fingerless workout gloves. I’m so surprised that more people don’t wear them, and I’m actually one of the few at my gym who seem to use them. In my mind it makes so much sense to protect your hands and the cleanliness factor is a bonus too! Since I purchased these ones, I’ve also seen them at Kmart and The Warehouse for around the $10-15 dollar mark.