Tips For Buying A Leather Skirt

Up until a few months ago I had never owned a leather skirt. In fact, they were an item of clothing that I never really liked, as many of the styles and lengths looked absolutely terrible on me. When I was shopping in Forever New a couple of months back, this faux leather skirt was on a mannequin and it caught my eye, so I thought what the heck, and tried it on….. and was immediately in love! The  A-line style of leather skirt is incredibly flattering when on, and the high waist and the mini length make my legs look much longer than they really are – perfect for us short gals!

Since it is high-waisted, this leather skirt looks amazing when styled with a fitted top, tucked in to the waist band. I opted for something pattered like this black and white striped long sleeve top to help brighten up the block colour on the bottom. Paired with tights and boots, this is the perfect outfit for wearing during that awkward time in early Spring, where it’s not warm but it’s not too cold!

Styling A Leather Skirt - The Lilly Mint Blog
Styling A Leather Skirt - The Lilly Mint Blog

When I went into store to try this skirt on, I originally tried on a size 6 which is my regular size. While it fitted, it felt a tiny bit loose around the waist. I was advised to go down a size, as faux leather can often stretch a little, so if you buy something that is just the tinest bit too big, it’s going to end up stretching and getting a whole lot bigger. It’s important to have a well-fitting leather skirt, as they do have a tendency to turn around as you walk around and sit down, and before you know it, the skirt has often twisted around. This is especially noticeable in a skirt like this which has a zip and panelling! I decided to opt for a size 4 instead, and while it felt a little bit too fitted that first time I wore it, it now has stretched a little and feels like the perfect fit. I’m so happy I didn’t buy the 6! This is just a heads up for anything faux leather you may buy – expect a little bit of stretching, so do consider sizing down.

Top – QED London (similar here)
Leather skirt – (similar here and here and here)
Boots – Kmart (similar here)

Styling A Leather Skirt - The Lilly Mint Blog



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