Empties – Would I Repurchase?

Empties – Would I Repurchase?

I’ve been wanting to write an empties post for a while now, but had only had a couple of bits here and there I had finished. I swear I’ve run out of nearly everything recently, so I’ve got lots of products to share with you today. Personally, I love empties posts as they show what people really think of products after they’ve had time to use them. The one thing I hate about empties posts is how awful the products look after they are empty – stickers falling off, squished tubes…. it’s not all very aesthetically pleasing. So, here is my empties post, complete with pretty pictures of the products when they are full. Enjoy!

100% Pure Brightening Cleanser


Why is it that a brand always seems to discontinue products we love?! The Brightening Cleanser from 100% Pure is one of the best cleansers I’ve ever used, but almost straight after I wrote a full review here, I found out it was discontinued! This foaming cleanser was fab for anyone who had normal/combination/oily skin and it really helped with preventing blemishes and congested skin. 100% Pure have replaced it with this Matcha Anti-Aging Foaming Cleanser (which also works as a product to assist with troubled skin), but I haven’t tried this one out yet. If you have, please let me know! WOULD I REPURCHASE? If you see it, grab it while you can!


Wiki Skincare Cacao Facial Exfoliant


This delicious exfoliant is made from organic sugar, cacao and other skin loving goodies and it smells so good! It’s a slightly damp scrub, that can be used as-is, or mixed with a small amount of water for a slightly less intense scrub. I wasn’t 100% sure about this one at first, as I was so used to using wet scrubs from a tube, but after a while this style of product really grew on me and now this is a firm favourite. I really enjoy using this product as it’s so pleasant to use and my skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards. WOULD I REPURCHASE? Yes, totally! I am trying out another brand right now, but will definitely repurchase in the future


Tier For Teens Natural Moisture


This is the moisturiser that keeps on giving! I’ve been using this product religiously morning and night for the past five or so months and it’s only just run out. It’s hands down the best moisturiser I’ve ever used and at $35 it puts all the other more expensive moisturisers to shame. This lovely gel moisture absorbs into the skin quickly and it sits beautifully under makeup. If you haven’t tried it, then you need to. Trust me, it’s not just for teens! I wrote about this one in full hereWOULD I REPURCHASE? Totally! Already planning to as the boyfriend really loves this one.

 RMS Un-Cover Up #11


The Un-Cover Up is a clever little product that can be used as a concealer or a foundation. Shade #11 is my go-to shade that’s spot-on for my natural skin tone. I wear this product at least 5 out of 7 days a week, and it’s totally a go-to favourite of mine. I also have it in a darker shade #22 for when I’m tanned. WOULD I REPURCHASE? Already have, well in advance of this one running out!


Tier For Teens Natural Wash


The Tier For Teens Wash is an all natural face wash that has a gel like consistency and a pleasant fragrance. I wrote a full review of this one here.  I’ve been keeping this product in the shower as my go-to cleanser when I’m washing my face in the shower. It does a fab job of removing dirt, makeup and oil and my face always feels really clean afterwards. WOULD I REPURCHASE? I do really like this wash, but I’ve become very partial to the SKIN by Ecostore Cleanser lately so I have no plans to repurchase this one at this stage. I may possibly swap back to it in the future though!


Black Robin Skincare Mallow Out Mask


This mask was a product I really enjoyed using, however it’s well past it’s use by date, so I think it’s probably time I threw it out. I’ve only used about 60% of the bottle as a little does go a long way and masks aren’t things you do all of the time. I really liked using this mask but I’m a little disappointed it expires so quickly as I only had it for probably six months. I guess that’s the issue with natural products – they have a shorter shelf life. Full review hereWOULD I REPURCHASE? Probably not, just due to the short expiry date and there are other masks I do prefer more.


Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish Remover


This soy based polish proved to me that you don’t need heavy chemical removers to take off nail polish, and you can read my full review here. This bottle lasted me ages and it does exactly the same thing as regular nail polish, but is much more gentle on your nails. A little bit goes a long way! WOULD I REPURCHASE? Yes, totally!