Eco Tan Invisible Tan Review

Eco Tan Invisible Tan Review

There’s been a few days lately that I’ve had my shorts on, and it’s made me realise that boy oh boy my legs are pale! Of course while there is nothing wrong with being pale (and I often embrace it!), I do like a little bit of colour on my skin, especially on my legs. A slight tan helps to hide a multitude of sins, and for me it helps to colour correct my legs a bit. I’ve been getting quite bad hayfever these past few weeks, and it’s resulted in a lot of little itchy bites on my legs. I also seem to bruise so easily and always have a million little bruises all over my legs. Does this happen to anyone else? I never have a clue where they come from! Anyway, without a tan, these marks stand out like crazy against my pale skin, so I like to opt for a little bit of colour to help hide them.

I’ve been trying out a few different brand of tans lately, so expect to see reviews of a few different products. Today’s post is all about Eco Tan which is one of the few fake tan brands that are all natural and contain no nasty ingredients. Derived from chocolate (yum), these tans are designed to not lean either orange or green, and instead are supposed to offer a gorgeous bronze colour on the skin.
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Invisible Tan is probably the most popular tan from Eco Tan, and I’ve read so many wonderful reviews on it. It’s a tanning creme that is applied to clean dry skin, and it develops over eight or so hours. This product is designed to be applied before you go to bed, and since it’s colourless, it won’t stain your sheets. You should wake up the next morning looking like a gorgeous bronzed goddess……

Here’s the problem…. it doesn’t really work.

Eco Tan Invisible Tan is designed for those with medium to olive skin, however on their social media they are always showing pictures of super pale people using it, and ending up with a gorgeous bronzed tan. I usually find that opting for the darker shade of tan works for me, as it generally give me a nice deep tan.  Maybe I’m just unlucky, but this definitely did not happen for me.

I’ve used this product three times now, and if it wasn’t for the purposes of this review I would have quit after the first time. I applied the product using my hands first. I applied a generous coat of this product to my skin about an hour before I went to bed. The next morning when I woke up I was a slight tanned yellowish colour….. definitely not bronzed! There was also a lot of patchiness on the insides of my legs and the insides of my elbows which had obviously been where my skin had pressed together I was sleeping. Moral of the story? Apply this a long time before you go to bed

The second time I used this tan, I used a tanning mitt and applied it about 3 hours before I was going to go to bed. It definitely applies easier with a tanning mitt, and looks less messy on the hands. The tan actually applied really well with a mitt, so if you are planning to purchase this then make sure you pick a mitt up too.

After one coat of Eco Tan Invisible Tan, I still looked just slightly tanned, so I opted to apply another coat the next day, and when I woke up the next morning there wasn’t much difference. This tan definitely does not give a bronzed colour, just a very slight yellowing to the skin. While it’s not incredibly bad, it’s not that flattering either. Perhaps if you already have darker skin, this may look slightly better, but on pale skin it’s a bit of a fail.

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The only good thing I can say about the Eco Tan Invisible Tan is that it doesn’t come off on your sheets or clothes. Regular fake tanners will know how annoying this is, and it’s great to see a product on the market that doesn’t ruin sheets!

There’s no way I’ll be repurchasing this one, and to be honest I think I’ll be giving this one away, as it does absolutely nothing for paler skintones. If your still interested in purchasing, you can do so here. A bottle is $39.95 for 150ml and this is designed to give around five full body tans. If you are after a natural fake tan, I recommend this one from Tan Organic!