Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts For Guys

Following on from yesterdays Gift Guide for the Girly Girl, here are some last minute gifts for guys. I find it so hard to buy for the guys in my life, so if you’re the same, here are ten gifts that might make things a little easier. As always, any beauty gifts in this guide are all natural, and each gift should arrive in the NZ region in time for Christmas.

Happy shopping!

Gift Guide: Gifts for Guys

  1. Black Chicken Remedies Beard Oil  $40.00 – I use Black Chicken Products on the regular (obviously, not the beard oil, but you get what I mean!), and their products are absolutely fab. If your man has a beard, then this gift will be a winner
  2. Cards Against Humanity $49.99 – This is the ultimate party game for anyone with a sense of humour. It’s one of those great games to keep in the cupboard and crank out at your next party (or even on Christmas Day!)
  3. NY Yankees Cap $39.99 – These Yankees caps are very popular right now for girls and guys. A stylish that’s totally practical!
  4. Phil Taylor Power 8Zero Darts $79.99 – Most guys love playing darts, and I know both my boyfriend and dad would love this present. Is it sad that I’ve actually watched enough darts on TV to know exactly who Phil Taylor is….
  5. Find It 2-Way Locator $26.95 – This is the most genius present. It’s a two way finder, so you can install the app on your phone which links to the finder. So pop the finder on your keys and find them from your phone. Lose your phone and your can find them from the keys. Such a cool idea
  6. The Horse Watch $149.99 – The Horse sell the most gorgeous watches, and this one is the ultimate classic. Pretty sure every guy would be thrilled to receive this one
  7. Box of Beer (Soap) $20.00 – I’d love to get this for my boyfriend this Christmas as it’s called “A Box of Beer”. He would then open it and realise it was soap. It is beer soap though, which is pretty cool. I’ve actually bought a single bar of this for my boyfriend before and he really liked it. It actually smells quite good too!
  8. UE Wonderboom Speaker $139.99 – Now this isn’t really just a present for guys, as I bought myself one of these a couple of months ago and I love it so much. It’s a tiny yet powerful speaker that is waterproof and almost impossible to break. Hook it up to your phone and play tunes all summer long.
  9. Darth Vader Slippers $27.00 – Darth Vader slippers that make sounds. Do I need to say more?
  10. Whiskey Rocks $15.00 – These cool ice cubes keep your drink cold but don’t melt. Good for the whiskey or bourbon lover who hates watered down alcohol. Again, these are a really cool idea for everyone as they are reusable.



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  1. Corrine

    December 14, 2017 at 7:04 am

    What an awesome – and thoughtful – selection of gifts! You’ve given me some great ideas 🙂

    1. Sarah Lilly

      December 14, 2017 at 2:52 pm

      I’m so pleased to hear that! Thanks Corrine x

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