The $35 Pair of Prescription Sunglasses: Review

Sunglasses are one of my absolute favourite fashion accessories. I’ve mentioned before that I wear sunglasses all year around, as my eyes have an awful tendency to water non-stop in bright lights, so they are an accessory that’s just as practical as stylish. I wear corrective lenses as I have trouble seeing in the distance, so for me prescription lenses are a must. I wear prescription sunglasses pretty much every time I head out, so when GlassesShop contacted me and asked if I’d like to pick a pair from their range – I jumped at the chance!

I was honestly amazed at how big the selection was on GlassesShop and how affordable the styles were. Many of the sunglasses are around the $30-$40USD mark, and this price includes the prescription lens. All you need to do is know your prescription (I rang my optometrist to find out) and your PX or pupillary distance. Your optometrist should also know this, otherwise you can measure it yourself (which is actually what I did.) The shipping is also really affordable at just $4.95 USD for orders under $49 and free over $49.

I was really interested to see how the quality of these sunglasses compared to the optometrist-grade sunglasses I usually wear. The pair of sunglasses I chose was the Montreal Square in Black which retail for $34.95 USD. My usual prescription sunglasses cost upwards of $400, so I was very excited to see how my GlassesShop pair compared. Review
Shipping took around 3 weeks, which is pretty good seeing that the sunglasses are made to prescription and then shipped. They arrived safely in a green sunglasses case, packaged inside a very sturdy white box. There was no way they could get damaged, and I was impressed to see that the white box they packaged the glasses in wasn’t massive – no wasted packaging here!

Personally I love large sunglasses and I’m thrilled with how these sit on my face and how they look. I love the oversized frames and the gold detail and they look much more expensive than the $35! The prescription is perfect and they feel and wear just like my optometrist sunglasses. My vision is absolutely perfect when I wear these sunglasses, so I’m thrilled! Review

GlassesShop have also given me a code to share with you guys to receive 50% off both sunglasses and glasses online (making them incredibly cheap!) This code is GSHOT50.

Have you purchased prescription glasses or sunnies from GlassesShop before? If so, what did you think? At that price I’ll be heading back to grab another soon!

Please note: I was gifted these glasses from GlassesShopThese views are my personal opinion and are no way influenced by others. I always provide an honest opinion, so you all know which products are worth purchasing



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