Massive Clothing Haul…. On a Budget!

I haven’t done a clothing haul in so long, so thought I’d round up a few bits and bobs that I’ve bought lately. Everything in this haul is under $60 full price, so it’s a bit of a budget clothing haul, from some of my favourite cheaper stores. I actually filmed this about two weeks ago while we were still in our old flat, but didn’t get a chance to put it up as we have been crazy busy with packing, moving, and unpacking!

We are now pretty much settled in our new home in our new town and we are loving it! It is such a lovely change from the city, and I’m getting quite used to rural life. It’s lovely sitting in the sun at the dining room table every morning, and looking out across the country side. If we’re lucky, we can hear the cows or sheep in the distance, and there are always birds chirping somewhere!

I plan to share our new home as we do it up, and the first room is the kitchen! As soon as the floors are tiled (hopefully in the next month), I’ll be doing a full reveal on the blog. It’s literally my dream kitchen and I love cooking and baking in there now!

Anyway on to the haul! Where possible, I’ve linked everything below so you can shop online!



  • Black and White Cuffed Sweatshirt (sadly sold out!)
  • Black Fleece


MOONFLOWER LINGERIE (both gifted items)


  • Blue Ruffle Dress (sadly sold out, similar here)
  • Playsuit
  • Navy & White Striped Dress (sold out but very similar here ALSO┬áblog post about this one here)


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