My Natural Makeup Collection

My Natural Makeup Collection

I love watching makeup collection videos on YouTube. It’s always fun to have a peek inside someone else’s collection and see what they are absolutely loving. So, I figured I’d make my own video! There’s a bit of a funny story about this though. I originally filmed it back in our old house, edited it, and then somehow the file got corrupted. I’m so not techy enough to work out how to get it back, so I just resigned myself to the fact it was gone!

At the same time I had filmed a skincare collection video which managed to save okay. So fast forward over a month, and I’ve finally had a chance to re-film this makeup collection video. I hope you enjoy it, and look out for part two in a few days, which is my full skincare collection – just ignore the fact they are shot in two completely different places!

Also, please note some of these products have been sent to me while others I’ve purchased myself. I didn’t highlight which ones were sent to me as this video would be epically long! But please know that all opinions are my own.


Shop some of my makeup collection below!


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