How Innersense Hair Care Saved My Hair

How Innersense Hair Care Saved My Hair

I feel like I’m always talking about the importance of skincare, but I hardly ever talk about hair. That’s probably because, in all honesty, hair care for me is always a bit of an after thought. I get excited buying skincare and makeup items, but I just can’t say the same about haircare products!

Up until recently, I used haircare that was designed for either normal/oily hair or coloured hair. I always thought I had oilier hair, as when it was darker it used to get greasy more quickly and look dead and flat. When I went blonde, I didn’t really think about the products I was using and how they would work with my changed hair.

Since I’ve gone blonde, my hair has gotten a lot dryer. I can easily get away with 4-5 days without washing – something I could never do when my hair was darker. I felt my hair did always look a little dry and lacking any lustre, but since I just couldn’t get excited about hair products, I just kept using what I had been using.

The turning point came for me when I was sent some of the Innersense hair care products from Eve Organics. I had always wanted to try this brand, but it was nearly impossible to buy it here in NZ. Luckily Eve Organics is an Australian company who ship to New Zealand (and worldwide), making this product available to me.

After just one use of the Innersense Hydrating range my hair felt completely different. It was so much softer and smoother and looked like it had it’s shine back. It was like all of the moisture that had been stripped from my hair had been replenished, and my hair looked like flowy hair again, instead of resembling frizzy straw.

Innersense Hydrating Hair Care

The products I’ve been using are the Innersense Hydrating Cream Hairbath, which is the shampoo step. It’s an easy to lather and easy to rinse shampoo. I’ve also been following that up with the Innersense Hydrating Cream Conditioner which is a delicious thick conditioner, which feels rich and creamy as you apply it to your hair. I always let my conditioner sit in the hair for a few minutes, before rinsing it out.

The third and final product I’ve been using is the Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. I’m a bit of a leave-in conditioner newbie, as I’ve always been scared it will make my hair look flat and greasy. It’s quite the opposite actually, with this product adding a beautiful and healthy shine to my hair. My hair doesn’t get heavy at all and instead gets the hit of moisture it needs to stop frizziness and breakage.

One thing I’ll note is how much easier I’ve found my hair to brush since I’ve been using this trio. I’ve never had tangly hair per se, but since I went blonde it’s been a lot harder to brush out while it’s wet. I’ve found my brush easily goes through my hair now, so I feel like I’m not doing as much damage as beforehand.

While admittedly it’s still early days, I’m going to go as far and say that this is the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used and I will totally be repurchasing. I’m also loving the leave in conditioner and I’d definitely buy that one again too. I love that Innersense is completely natural, and one of the safest hair care options out there, plus it leaves the hair feeling and looking so healthy. I feel excited about my hair again, and now that I’m using the correct products I’ve noticed such a huge change in the look and texture of my hair.

You can purchase Innersense products at Eve Organics. If the Hydrating range isn’t your thing, there is also a range designed to help protect your colour, and another designed to balance the hair. If you’d like 15% off your first order, use the code lillymint



Products were sent to me by Eve Organics, but all thoughts remain my own. This post contains affiliate links

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