I am completely honest and transparent in the products that I review on this blog. All opinions are my own, as I want you to know what products are really worth purchasing. Some of the products that are featured on my blog are items that have been sent to me by beauty or PR companies, however most I have purchased myself. All products that have been sent to me are clearly marked at the bottom of the post, or in compilation posts they are marked with an astrix *

Very rarely I may feature a sponsored post, and these will be clearly labelled. This means that I have been compensated by the brand for my time in putting the post together. It does not change my view of the product in any way, and I only ever accept sponsored posts if it is a brand or business that I already like and feel fits my style and my blog.

I am currently affiliated with the skincare company Little Olive Tree and  I am one of their brand ambassadors. When you click on Little Olive Tree links on this blog,  I may receive a small amount of money should you choose to purchase something. If you don’t want to use this link, then no worries, just head straight to their website.


The Lilly Mint Blog is a PR friendly blog, and I am happy to consider any sponsorship or product review requests. Please note that I will only review and mention products that I believe fit with my blog, and that my readers will find valuable. Only beauty products that I deem to be natural and safe will be considered and I may request an ingredient list.  (to see what ingredients I avoid, please click here) I am unable to review or feature every single product I am sent, and I choose to feature those that I think my readers will be the most interested in. Any products that I do not review will be donated to various charities. All reviews are my honest opinion and are not influenced by others in any way.  Please get in touch if you would like a media kit.

I am not interested in running any paid advertisements/banners/tiles etc on my blog. This is a blog for my readers, not a commercial website. I also do not feature any guest posts at this time.

If you have any questions, would like to request a media kit, or would like to work with me then please email me at

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